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Nishimura Pumpkin and spinach wheat biscuits: Only after I finished this snack and looked up information about it for this review did I discover that these vegetable-flavored biscuits are intended as baby food. Nonetheless, you can safely eat them as an adult. Individually-wrapped servings of pumpkin and spinach flavored biscuits, 3 of each, come in a single package. The biscuits have a crumbly, slightly dry texture and are just a tad sweet. Beyond the color (the spinach crackers are pistachio-green and the pumpkin a light orange), the ... (read more) 3.0/5.0

japanese nishimura pumpkin spinach wheat biscuits 3.0 Sunrisemart
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Neighborhood Restaurant Cream of Wheat: This hot, iconic dish from the popular Somerville brunch spot is great even in the summer heat. When I first had it five years ago upon returning to Boston for grad school, it turned me on to making Cream of Wheat at home, though I could never quite get the consistency and flavor that they are able to accomplish. It's creamy and spiced with a texture almost similar to tapioca pudding but with much smaller granules. I will forever associate this dish with Cambridge and will sorely miss it. 4.0/5.0

recommended neighborhoodrestaurant cream of wheat 4.0
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Korean wheat flour crackers: When I saw this bag on the shelf, it reminded me sachima, a Chinese pastry composed of soft fried flour, butter, and sugar (and often raisins). I purchased this bag to see what the Korean version would taste like. Despite the nutrition facts, which state that this contains 0g of sugar, the snack is very sweet. (Also, sugar is one of only four listed ingredients). The crackers are dense and quite hard to bite into, a factor that could be an issue for anyone with dental problems. Some pieces a... (read more) 3.0/5.0

korean ricecracker sachima hmart 3.0 wheat flour crackers
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Ossem Bissli pizza wheat snack: Israeli snack with window-shaped brick crackers reminiscent of whole wheat pasta in flavor. Pizza seasoning is very faint. Crunchy, dense texture. Not very desirable. 2.0/5.0

bissli israeli foreign wheat pizza osem munchpak 2.0 ossem snack
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Bonchi Ponsuke Nori-Aji: One of my favorite things about Asian snacks is the combination of sweet and savory. These substantially-sized wheat crackers have a sweet, soy-like glaze with speckles of nori. Balance is very good. Texture is similar to a rice cracker, but slightly more dense. Very addicting. For the type of snack it is, it's one of the best I've had. From Japan. 4.5/5.0

japanese hmart exceptional wheat crackers nori soy bonchi 4.5 ponsuke nori-aji
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Paris Baguette whole wheat red bean bun: A sad, generic pastry. Bread is unsubstantial and mostly flavorless, filling is overly sweet. 1.5/5.0

parisbaguette redbean bread bakery pastry asian avoid whole wheat red bean bun 1.5