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Sour!tails blue raspberry sour candy: More sweet than sour, this pink and blue striped gummy candy has a paste-like interior that reminds me a bit of bubblegum and is flavored similarly to what I associate with brands like Hubba Bubba or Bubble Yum. It's like a Cow Tail with its chewy exterior and icing-like interior. Eating it took me back to grade school goody bags in a nostalgic but not particularly fond way. 27g of sugar in the "tail." 2.0/5.0

munchpak candy sour blueraspberry berry sourtail 2.0 sourtails blue raspberry
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Smak Po Brzegi Goralki Mleczne (wafer with cream filling): About twice as thick as a kit kat, this wafer bar is sealed around its border with a thin layer of milk chocolate. In between the styrofoam-like layers is a whole-milk cream. The milk flavor is more prominent than the chocolate, which makes it somewhat distinctive, but nonetheless not notably desirable. 2.0/5.0

munchpak 2.0 wafer milk chocolate polish candy smakpobrzegi goralki mleczne (wafer cream filling)
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Nestle LZ: A Bulgarian white chocolate bar that is aerated so that it's not solid.the bar is divided into smaller segments that can be broken off, a bit like a Hershey's bar but not flat. The overly sweet and fatty white chocolate, combined with its waxy mouthfeel, reminds me why I would never select to eat white chocolate on my own. 1.0/5.0

nestle lz chocolate whitechocolate avoid munchpak candy 1.0
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Icee popping candy: People who know me know I'm not into movies. But the one thing I did love about movies as a kid was having an excuse to get an Icee, the horrendously sweet, artificially flavored slushie that turned your mouth blue. My latest munchpak contained an assortment of pop-rocks-style Icee candies with an accompanying lollipop, presumably to be eaten like Fundip. I skipped the lollipop and had each flavor individually. All had a familiar taste, but just like the drinks, the blue raspberry was the be... (read more) 2.5/5.0

munchpak icee poprocks candy raspberry cherry orange 2.5 popping
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Covered Bridge Montreal steak spice seasoning potato chips: Hailing from New Brunswick, Canada, these crisps taste most strongly of black pepper, though the overall flavor is less robust than I expected it to be. Onion and garlic add to the savory flavor (there isn't any sweetness, like some American steak sauces). I do like how the chips are irregular, with a browned edge from the skin of the spuds. 3.0/5.0

coveredbridge chips potatochips 3.0 munchpak steak canadian montreal spice seasoning potato
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Kras Tortica Jadro: This square-shaped Croatian wafer snack is filled with hazelnut and chocolate creme. Think Nutella sandwiched between chocolate-colored crispy wafers. Okay overall. 2.5/5.0

kras tortica croatian munchpak 2.5 chocolate candy jadro