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Simsek Cikolatali Gofret: Turkish wafer chocolate bar from my latest Munchpak. The wafer is reminiscent of Joy ice cream cones: flaky styrofoam devoid of flavor. A thin layer of milk chocolate with a waxy mouthfeel coats. 1.5/5.0

munchhpak simsek cikolatali chocolate turkish foreign wafer 1.5 avoid gofret
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Biscolata dublex: Turkish chocolate bar with a biscuit foundation and cream-filled milk chocolate. Excessive? There is 16g of saturated fat in a bar, 100% of your daily recommended serving. (In)conveniently, the nutrition facts are discretely covered by the wrapper's fold, and the sugar content is nowhere to be found. Flavor-wise, we have a common vending machine milk chocolate bar with a crunchy biscuit base: familiar and generally inoffensive. 2.5/5.0

biscolata turkish munchpak chocolate biscuit 2.5 candy foreign dublex
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Divino Roman kiwi gelato: Gelato served between two halves of a frozen kiwi, which can be eaten skin and all. Great quality gelato that's tangy, tart, and just sweet enough. Wait about 15 minutes for the kiwi fruit to be soft enough to eat, but wait too long, and the liquid seeps through the thin kiwi membrane. 4.0/5.0

divino gelato italian foreign frozen dessert recommended 4.0 roman kiwi
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KitKat Wasabi: An import from Japan, this KitKat has a (overly sweet) white chocolate exterior covering a wasabi-cream wafer. The spicy flavor is surprisingly palatable, but the white chocolate dominates. 2.0/5.0

kitkat candy chocolate wasabi whitechocolate foreign japanese 2.0
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Ginza Tokyo Sugar Butter Sand Tree cookies: Japanese sandwich cookies with a dense, crunchy exterior (somewhat flaky when you bite through it) and a cloyingly sweet icing in the middle reminiscent of cereal milk. Nice packaging, but disappointing flavor. 2.5/5.0

japanese cookie sugarbuttersandtree 2.5 foreign ginzatokyo sugar butter sand tree cookies
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Ossem Bissli pizza wheat snack: Israeli snack with window-shaped brick crackers reminiscent of whole wheat pasta in flavor. Pizza seasoning is very faint. Crunchy, dense texture. Not very desirable. 2.0/5.0

bissli israeli foreign wheat pizza osem munchpak 2.0 ossem snack