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Lay's Spanish tomato tango chips: These chips were brought back from India, where the flavor names are prefaced by the country with which they're inspired from. The chips were distinct from standard Lay's, with a ridged texture; the flavor can be described as a robust ketchup with underlying spices that give it depth. What they have to do with Spain I have no idea, but overall, this was a surprisingly memorable snack. 3.5/5.0

lays potatochips india recommended foreign tomato ketchup 3.5 spanish tango chips
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Deep River zesty jalapeño potato chips: Crunchy and thickly cut kettle cooked chips with a serious jalapeñ flavor Likely the spiciest potato chips I've ever had. Can be good for those who love heat, but for people like me with a moderate spice tolerance, it will be hard to get through an entire bag. 2.5/5.0

deepriver chips potatochips jalapeno 2.5 zesty jalapeño potato
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Herr's baked aged cheddar chips: I purchased these from a vending machine in lab since it was the only healthier choice option I saw. This is the first time I had chips that tasted like Kraft Mac and cheese cheese powder. Definitely on the salty side. Very few chips (I believe around 13) per bag. Serving size is probably the main reason this is one of the lower calorie vending machine options. 1.5/5.0

herrs potatochips chips agedcheddar cheddar 1.5 avoid baked aged
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Laurel Hill jalapeño potato chips: While the chips are inconsistently flavored and seasoned (with some tasting like plain potato chips and some having too much jalapeñ flavoring), the chips themselves are light and crispy. Jalapeñ flavor, when you can taste it, has a snackable amount of heat. Decent. 3.0/5.0

potatochips laurelhill jalapeno chips crisps jalapeño potato 3.0
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Kettle Real Sliced Potatoes sea salt + vinegar potato chips: Like the bbq flavored chips I previously reviewed, these are similar in texture: thicker and crunchier than most. The problem with this bag is that the flavor is unevenly distributed, with some very tart mouthfuls and some barely seasoned. Not one of the better salt and vinegar chips I've had. 2.5/5.0

kettle chips potatochips saltandvinegar 2.5 real sliced potatoes sea salt + vinegar potato
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Kettle Real Sliced Potatoes hickory honey bbq potato chips: Why brands put "real" in their product names is beyond me - what's unreal about the original product line? Nonetheless, these chips seem to be cut thicker than normal, with a ring around them showing the skin of the potato. Good crunch. BBQ flavor is not distinctive but not bad either. 3.0/5.0

kettle potatochips chips potato bbq smoked 3.0 real sliced potatoes hickory honey