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I Heart Keenwah Aged Cheddar flavored quinoa puffs: Cheese puffs that substitute quinoa for corn and thus have a more substantial amount of protein (5g). About the size of a quarter, these crunchy bites have a flavor strongly reminiscent of aged cheddar boxed mac and cheese powder (the nice Amy's kind, not Kraft). Ends with a punchy peppercorn kick. Bag contains few servings (3). Worth a try if you're looking for a slightly healthier alternative to cheese puffs. 3.0/5.0

cheese quinoa iheartkeenwah aged cheddar flavored puffs 3.0 berkeleybowl
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The Daily Crave Aged White Cheddar Lentil Chips: After the smashing success of the previous Daily Crave product I purchased (smoked Gouda), I picked up a more classic flavor at Berkeley Bowl. In this case, though, the lentil flavor dominates the more mild cheddar taste, making the chip more of a veggie snack than a cheese snack. Not as memorable or particularly worth trying. 3.0/5.0

Veggiechips berkeleybowl thedailycrave aged white cheddar lentil chips 3.0
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Herr's baked aged cheddar chips: I purchased these from a vending machine in lab since it was the only healthier choice option I saw. This is the first time I had chips that tasted like Kraft Mac and cheese cheese powder. Definitely on the salty side. Very few chips (I believe around 13) per bag. Serving size is probably the main reason this is one of the lower calorie vending machine options. 1.5/5.0

herrs potatochips chips agedcheddar cheddar 1.5 avoid baked aged
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Kerrygold aged cheddar: Soft cheddar cheese from Ireland that's aged 12 months. Starts off mild and creamy but had a nice sharp finish. Very tasty. 4.0/5.0

cheddar recommended cheese irish kerrygold aged 4.0
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Lays lattice cut aged cheddar and black pepper chips: Surprisingly good, crunchy chips. Pepperiness is quite high, but cheese flavor mellows it out a bit. Definitely not healthy but pretty satisfying. 3.5/5.0

lays chips potatochips pepper cheddar recommended lattice cut aged black 3.5
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Tipperrary aged cheddar cheese: Irish cheese that's particularly sharp. Good rich flavor that's slightly nutty. 3.5/5.0

cheese cheddar irish aged tipperary recommended tipperrary 3.5