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Inka Chips Jalapeno Tostones Plantain Chips: These thick plantain chips have a unique texture – crispy on the outside but starchy inside, like a more substantial potato chip. The jalapeno seasoning is super tasty, well seasoned (with a decent kick of cumin), and just spicy enough. The serving size is criminally small (6 pieces). But I would definitely buy it again as a treat. Purchased at Sprout Market. 4.0/5.0

recommended sprout spicy inkachips jalapeno tostones plantain chips 4.0
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Boulder Canyon Jalapeno Cheddar kettle chips : It's crunchy. It's a little bit spicy. And it's a-ok. Nothing particularly memorable here. 3.0/5.0

potatochips bouldercanyon jalapeno cheddar kettle chips 3.0
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Disneyland Jalapeno Groot Bread: I know nothing about Guardians of the Galaxy having never seen the movie, and I was a bit sad to hear the classic Tower of Terror ride was rebranded for this movie at Disneyland. Nonetheless, my family decided to try one of the park's newest snack offerings: Groot jalapeno bread. About a foot tall, the bread is served at room temperature and consists of cheddar cheese and jalapeno "hair," neutral bread as the face and eyebrows, and olive eyes. It had obviously been sitting out for several... (read more) 2.5/5.0

losangeles la disneyland jalapeno groot bread 2.5
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Cheeseboard X-Bread: Slightly spicy roll with jalapeno, scallions, and cheddar. Best served warm, as most baked goods are, when you can most enjoy its warm and fluffy interior. The flavor is bold but relatively one note. Still, if you enjoy cheesy breads, you will likely have no complaints. 3.0/5.0

bread berkeley cheddar jalapeno spicy cheeseboard x-bread 3.0
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HR Poppin' Snacks Cheddar Inferno Popcorn: Looks are deceiving with this bag of cheddar popcorn - its standard orange color belies its spicy flavor, brought out by cayenne, chili, and jalapeño powder. A nice amount of heat, though the popcorn isn't as light and airy as it could be. Has a very long ingredient list filled with artificial colorings. This bag magically appeared at work, so I'm not sure where one would go to purchase it, but it's not bad for what it is. 3.0/5.0

popcorn jalapeno spicy cheese hrpoppinsnacks cheddar inferno 3.0
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Barbara's jalapeno cheese puffs: Crunchy corn "puffs" that are a little spicy and just a little funky (they contain a bit of blue cheese). I'm generally not a fan of blue cheese, but it works well here. Very addicting, with a robust cheddar flavor. A unique spin on a classic snack. 4.0/5.0

barbaras cheesepuffs cheese cheddar bluecheese 4.0 recommended jalapeno puffs