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OKF Aloe drink: Overly sweet with a strong artificial flavor. Aloe itself is texturally good, but the vehicle for them leaves much to be desired. 1/5 1.0/5.0

avoid korean asian drinks okf aloe drink 1.0
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Kwang-Dong oriental raisin tea drink: A Korean tea that tastes like a cross between oolong and barley tea. strong, rich aftertaste, presumably from the raisin tree fruit concentrate. I wouldn't guess it was raisin, but it's good, especially chilled. 3.5/5.0

korean raisintea drinks hmart asian kwangdong oriental raisin tea drink 3.5
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Boing mango soft drink: Concentrated mango flavor, would be better carbonated. Nice with Mexican food. 3.0/5.0

drinks boing mango soft drink 3.0