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i-Tea Honey Brown Rice Milk Tea with Basil Seeds and Agar Boba: From Taiwan, this bubble tea chain has all the signs of an authentic Taiwanese tea shop: its menu is ridiculously long; you can customize sweetness, ice, and toppings; it's cash only; there's absolutely no place to sit and chat (you purchase your drink and enjoy it elsewhere); and while there are lines out the door, service is fast. Drinks only come in one (large) size but are very reasonably priced. I ordered their honey brown rice milk tea at 30% sweetness, and the drink was one of the b... (read more) 4.5/5.0

exceptional drink boba itea honey brown rice milk tea basil seeds agar 4.5 bubbletea
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Gina Calamansi Juice Drink: From the Philippines, this drink contains only 10% juice but is very refreshing and pairs well with spicy foods. The citrus flavor is sharp and sweet, but not overly so. Well balanced and memorable. 3.5/5.0

drinks recommended citrus gina calamansi juice drink 3.5
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Bundaberg blood orange sparkling drink: I'm attending a conference in Brisbane, and most meals are provided except breakfast. This has made me unable to try as much outside food as I would like, and it also means I've found myself purchasing non-breakfast items at 7am (I'm still jet lagged). I'm a fan of Bundaberg's ginger beer, so I was excited to see a blood orange offering in its native country. Overall, though, I found the drink to be too sweet and the blood orange flavor to be slightly generic. It reminds me of a less fizzy, ... (read more) 2.5/5.0

bundaberg bloodorange drinks 2.5 australian citrus soda blood orange sparkling drink
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Cortese ginger soft drink: This Italian mixer strangely contains no ginger. Instead, it had carrot juice and safflower. The flavor is slightly acidic, on the sweet side, and has no expected kick. It comes in a vivid red color. 2.5/5.0

soda drinks cortese ginger carrot 2.5 italian soft drink
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Wallaby Organic Strawberry Kefir: I've noticed that kefir is growing in popularity, with many major yogurt brands getting into the market. Perhaps a way to appeal to a generation that grew up with Gogurt? This particular brand features a smooth and creamy yogurt-based drink thicker than other kefir I've had. The strawberry flavor is not bad but reminiscent of a Yoplait-like taste. That is to say that strawberry yogurt often had a distinct flavor different from fresh strawberries, and while this product uses organic ingredie... (read more) 3.0/5.0

wallaby organic kefir drink yogurt strawberry 3.0 wallabyorganic
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Mansi calamansi drink: Kalamansi is citrus fruit indigenous to the Philippines that's a cross between an orange and a kumquat. Mansi, a juice flavored with kalamansi, is remarkably refreshing, with a fantastic citrus flavor whose sharpness is balanced by a bit of honey. The website for the brand lists all sorts of health benefits for the fruit, from reduced acne to better digestive health. Regardless of whether any of this is true, the drink is one of the most memorable I've had, and something I would be happy to ... (read more) 5.0/5.0

drinks drinkmansi calamansidrink kalamansi nyc mansi 5.0 exceptional citrus juice calamansi drink