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Annie's organic cheddar squares: I'm generally a fan of Annie's bunny crackers, and these more traditional square are maybe the last of their brand I haven't tried. Unfortunately, I found that the crackers lacked seasoning and consistently tasted over baked. The under seasoning is surprising since I tend to like very lightly seasoned foods, so those used to over salted crackers like Cheez-Its will definitely consider these a miss. Surprisingly, though, a serving contains 250mg of sodium, the same as goldfish, but goldfish s... (read more) 2.0/5.0

annies organic cheddar crackers cheese 2.0 squares
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Chiki Snack cheese balls: This is the first in a series of #munchpak snack reviews. Chiki balls are puffed corn and rice cheese balls from Indonesia. While the packaging is foreign, the flavor is all too familiar, with a styrofoam texture and ingredients like \"flavor enhancers\" and MSG. In some ways, I take comfort that perhaps anywhere you go in the world, you'll come across this junk food standard. But if you really think about it, it's a little depressing. 2.0/5.0

cheeseballs cheese chiki indonesian 2.0 chikisnack balls
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Cabot Serious Snacks sharp cheddar cheese: What makes this a serious snack? Is it the fact that it's a portable cheese snack that isn't string cheese? Is it that the cheddar is much more sharp than your typical snack? Or perhaps that a single, rectangular bar contains 25% of your daily serving of saturated fat? I think it is all of the above, but at the end of the day, don't let the 80 calorie stamp fool you. Did I mention it contains 25% of your recommended allowance for saturated fat? I'd prefer a snack to be both more satisfyi... (read more) 2.5/5.0

cabot cheese cheddar sharpcheddar 2.5 serious sharp
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Frito Lay Oven Baked Cheetos: Here, Frito-Lay continues its venture into healthier snacking, yet doesn't abandon the iconic Chester seal of approval. The oven-baked cheese crackers have a less tangy "cheddar" flavor than its fried (?) counterpart. Most strikingly, the chips are less airy and don't melt-in-your-mouth like the regular snack does. Overall, it's a decently filling snack that does the job of satiating mid-day hunger. 3.0/5.0

cheetos cheese fritolay chips 3.0 oven baked
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Annie's Cheddar Snack Mix: Contains pretzels, cheddar bunny crackers, and buttery crackers. Mixed together, the buttery crackers don't taste much different than the cheddar crackers, which means there are essentially only two types in this mix: pretzels and cheese crackers. Technically, I suppose that's the least number you can have that still constitutes a \"mix,\" but I would argue this box lacks variety. Moreover, it gets pretty salty after a few handfuls. Not one of the better Annie's snacks. 2.5/5.0

annies cheddar crackers pretzels cheese 2.5 organic bunnies snack mix
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Earth Balance vegan cheddar squares: Surprisingly flavorful and tangy cheddar snack crackers. Very addicting. Sharp cheese flavor. Top 25% of cheese crackers I've had. 4.0/5.0

earthbalance cheddar crackers recommended 4.0 cheese vegan squares