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Fuller Foods Seriously Cheesy Puffs Sriracha flavored baked cheese puffs: Hand crafted artisanal cheese puffs made in Portland, Oregon. Sounds like a Portlandia sketch, but true story. The cheese puffs are thinner and longer than typical cheese puffs, like 1.5x the volume of a Cheetos puff. Sriracha flavored puffs have a dark red orange coating. Spicy flavor builds up quickly. Lacks the familiar sweetness of Sriracha, and tastes less like the Asian hot sauce and more like a stronger western one. Texture is very good - crispy yet airy, but flavor is quite frankly strange. Expensive, at close to $5 for a bag of several servings. Nice resealable packaging. Purchased at Berkeley Bowl. 2.5/5.0

cheesepuffs berkeleybowl fullerfoods seriously cheesy puffs sriracha flavored baked cheese 2.5