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Craftsman and Wolves Strawberry Cake: On Valencia in the heart of the Mission is the original location of the Craftsman and Wolves, a pastry shop where each item is backdropped by a matte black countertop, with slide-out trays for individually plated cakes and specialty items. The presentation of the pastries is impeccable, with a commendable level of consistency and care put into every piece. Of course, as with any San Francisco establishment, you pay a premium for quality - the strawberry cake, about 4 inches long, was $8. ... (read more) 4.0/5.0

4.0 cake strawberry craftsmanandwolves sanfrancisco berries pastry recommended
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JJ Bakery Strawberry Shortcake Mochi: From the Taiwanese sweets shop JJ Bakery in LA, this plump ball of strawberry shortbread is about twice the size of a normal piece of mochi and contains a whole strawberry nested in rich cream and moist cake. The mochi skin is impressively thin and elastic, and as a result, plays a supporting role to the western cake on the inside. Ripe, deep red strawberry is sweet and fresh. Cream is not for the faint of heart (there's a lot of it), so this snack may be best shared among friends. (I at... (read more) 3.5/5.0

3.5 mochi shortcake strawberry jjbakery cake losangeles recommended
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味自慢 木于卜饅頭: I treated myself to this unusual snack from the Japanese supermarket Tokyo Fish Market without knowing anything about what it was. Guided by just a few words of English, I understand that it's a wheat cake filled with a red bean paste dyed white and yellow and topped with black sesame seeds. Each cookie is generously sized, but at 235 calories each, you would hope so. The snack overall eats a tad dry and is best accompanied by milk (I imagine it would pair well with tea too). It's intere... (read more) 3.0/5.0

3.0 木于卜饅頭 cake redbean japanese tokyofishmarket
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IKEA Tarta Mandel almond cake: As part of my free meal at IKEA, I got a slice of their almond cake, the most harmless looking dessert on display. It consists of two thin layers of cake with butter cream in between; sliced almonds are sprinkled on top. While the portion size was not very large, it was difficult to get through given the over-sweetend and gummy icing. The nuts offered neither texture nor flavor. It was free, but I would not choose to eat it for free again. 1.5/5.0

1.5 cake almond mandel tarta ikea avoid
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Mount Auburn Carrot Cake: Recently while I was at the ER at Mount Auburn, I was unable to eat anything until 5pm after being admitted at 9am. Given that I was much hungrier than usual, I let myself order from carrot cake from their dessert menu. The cake was much more substantial than any other portion of the meal, and while the cream-cheese icing was too sweet, the cake moist and quite good. Chopped walnuts were added as garnish. Sometimes in moments of uncertainty, it's nice to have something so familiar and co... (read more) 3.0/5.0

mountauburn carrot cake 3.0
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Nice Choice Egg Soft Flour Cake: With a quintessentially lost-in-translation Chinese name, this brand of sachima is a great deal. The cakes are very substantial (you could share one with a friend) and have a satisfying chewy consistency. For those who have not had sachima before, it's a rectangular Chiense treat with fried dough and melted rock sugar that lends a chewy and slightly crispy texture. As one of the less expensive snacks at HMart, Nice Choice is indeed a nice choice. 3.5/5.0

hmart asian sachima nicechoice egg soft flour cake 3.5 recommended