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2016 08 04 22.17.07

Newman's Own Mint Chocolate Newman O's Cookies: Since I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of Newman Own's ginger sandwich cremes, I decided to get an alternative flavor. The mint flavor is similarly good, with a prominent mint flavor and hearty chocolate cookies. I like leaving the bag open so that the cookies get a little softer and less crumbly. 3.5/5.0

recommended wholefoods newmansown mint chocolate newman o's cookies 3.5
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High Rise Bakery ginger oatmeal cookie: Great moist cookie with bits of candied ginger throughout. Lightly piiced flavor, perhaps with cinnamon and / or molasses. Not too sweet. 3.5/5.0

highrisebakery cookies ginger oatmeal 3.5 recommended cambridge cookie
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Daelmans caramel Stroopwafel: I received this free Dutch snack on a recent United flight. The sweet waffle-like cookie has a chewy caramel-flavored center. Overall, I found the cookie too sweet, but the texture was satisfying. 3.0/5.0

daelmans cookies stroopwafel caramel sweets 3.0
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Nissin sesame sable cookies: I grew up eating the very buttery coconut biscuits you get in a silver foil package from Asian grocery stores. These cookies have a slight resemblance, with a biscuit-like base and glazed, coconut flavored top, but it's not as sweet as the normal coconut cookies, and the black sesame balances out the sweetness. At five cookies to a serving, it's not the most filling snack, but the flavor is memorable, and it's reasonably priced. 3.5/5.0

nissin coconut sable sesame japanese asian hmart 3.5 cookies biscuit recommended
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Annie's oatmeal cookie bites: These crumbly mini cookies are more substantial than most and have a great spiced flavor. Hearty oats add a nice texture. The type of wholesome snack I would be happy to buy for my (future) kid(s). 3.5/5.0

annies cookies oatmeal recommended 3.5 cookie bites
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Frollino Biscotti: Waffle-shaped biscuits with a slight sweetness but otherwise fairly neutral flavor. Crumbly cookie texture. A decent snack to hold you over. This pocket-sized package comes with 3. 2.5/5.0

frollino biscuits 2.5 italian cookies biscotti