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2016 09 09 20.18.19

Pokka Oolong Tea: A timidly flavored herbal drink with no sugar or preservatives. I purchased it to go along with a robust bowl of ramen, but the drink was too murky and faint to be a good pair. 2.0/5.0

drinks pokka oolong tea 2.0
2016 08 11 11.16.57

Late July Organic Mini Cheddar Cheese Crackers: This organic take on a classic snack suffers from the same flaws as Ritz: the crackers are over salted, and the serving size is too small. I don't see how it's possible to eat 13 mini crackers and not feel more hungry after the fact. Not recommended, especially considering the premium for an organic product. 2.0/5.0

cheese latejuly organic mini cheddar crackers 2.0
2016 08 06 14.04.57

Alasehir Sarikz strawberry flavored sparking water: Purchased from the Turkish grocery store Sevan in Watertown, this brand of sparkling water comes in an assortment of fruit flavors. The stout green bottle provides just enough beverage to accompany a small meal. Flavorwise, the strawberry drink reminded me of fruit-flavored paste sometimes used in dental cleaning. Largely artificial, and not a drink I would purchase again. 2.0/5.0

drinks soda turkish alasehir sarikz strawberry flavored sparking water 2.0
2016 07 31 20.12.44

Kung Fu Tea Longan Tea: This herbal fruit tea has a familiar flavor to those who are accustomed to eating the Asian fruit, but even at 50% sweetness, it was far too sweet. 2.0/5.0

drinks kungfutea longan tea 2.0
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Mr. Wish Special Fruit Tea: Mr. Wish is an Asian drink chain that serves fruit teas and slushies. I ordered their special fruit tea, which had a substantial amount of diced fruit, including passion fruit seeds, apples, and mango. The drink itself was far too sweet, and the fruit was overly acidic and sour. However, I will say that the avocado slush my partner ordered was excellent, so I would come back again for a different drink. 2.0/5.0

flushing mrwish special fruit tea 2.0 drinks
2016 07 02 14.51.48

Kung Fu Tea Lychee tea with boba and lychee jelly: Purchased from the Kung Fu Tea in Edison, NJ, this tea drink was far too sweet despite specifying 25% sweetness. The boba was also disappointingly soft. The jelly, though, had a decently firm bite. It's too bad there is so much variability with drinks from this chain. 2.0/5.0

drinks tea kungfutea lychee boba jelly 2.0