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Smartfood Spicy Jalapeño Ranch popcorn: For last minute ingredients, I sometimes find myself at Safeway when all other options are closed. Their snack aisles are stocked with brands Berkeley Bowl would never carry, including this bag of Frito-Lay Smartfood popcorn. I still remember enjoying the white cheddar popcorn in lunch bag snack packs growing up, so I decided to give this spicy jalapeño ranch flavor a try. It was spicier than I expected, but I don’t think jalapeño and ranch are a particularly good flavor combination; on their own, they can be very tasty, but together, it tasted confused. It was difficult to get through this large bag, but after about a month (an unheard of length of time for me) I finally finished it. 2.0/5.0

smartfood spicy jalapeño ranch popcorn 2.0