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Happy Lemon special cooler lemon slush: I'm not sure what special cooler means, but this Taiwanese drink chain continues to be one of my favorite places to visit when I'm in Flushing, Queens. This slush was on the sweet side but was also pleasantly tart and contained what seemed to be jelly bits (I didn't pay for any add-ins, so this was a pleasant surprise). Perfect for warm days. 4.0/5.0

happylemon drinks slush lemon flushing 4.0 taiwanese citrus recommended special cooler
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Brooklyn Soda Works lemon and thyme soda: About five years ago, I had a fantastic bottled apple ginger soda from Brooklyn Soda Works at a restaurant in NYC. Since then, I've been looking forward to my next opportunity to try a different flavor from the brand. I also backed them on Kickstarter a few years ago. When I found myself at Smorgasburg for the Brooklyn Record Flea, I visited their tent and purchased a $4 cup of lemon thyme soda. Unfortunately, it was not very good. The lemon was faint, and the soda could use more sweetness t... (read more) 2.0/5.0

brooklynsodaworks soda drinks lemon thyme 2.0 smorgasburg
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Momofuku Milk Bar strawberry lemon cake truffles: Purchased in packs of three, these truffles have a cake-like candy coating and dense lemon interior. The strawberry crumble was too sweet, while the lemon truffle was tart. Overall, the flavors did not quite come together. 2.0/5.0

momofuku milkbar desserts truffle strawberry lemon sweets 2.0 momofukumilkbar cake truffles
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Maine Root lemon lime soda: Lightly carbonated citrus soda that is on the sweet side. I prefer a more fizzy drink, but the overall flavor is not bad, though it's not distinctive enough to purchase again. 3.0/5.0

maineroot soda drinks lemonlime citrus 3.0 leanbox lemon lime
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Happy Lemon Mango Slush: What can I say that I haven't said already. This drink is great. Pulpy bits of mango and lemon mixed with mango pudding pieces add even more texture to this icy treat. 4.0/5.0

happylemon drinks lemon mango recommended pudding slush 4.0
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Luke's Lobster blueberry lemonade with honey: Prominent honey flavor, moderate acidity level. Berry flavor is mild. Overall, a decent drink, though the result is not more than the sum of its parts. 3.0/5.0

drinks lukeslobster blueberry lemonade lemon honey 3.0