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2016 07 01 12.29.14

Tomarchio Aranciata Rossa Sparkling Blood Orange Soda: This pleasantly-carbonated beverage is on the sweet side but nonetheless has a distinctive citrus flavor. I prefer it to the Pellegrino blood orange soda, as it doesn't have a metallic aftertaste. From Sicily. 3.5/5.0

soda recommended bloodorange fruit tomarchio aranciata rossa sparkling blood orange 3.5 italian drinks
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Weis strawberry, watermelon, and lychee ice cream bar: One of several snacks I received on my Virgin Australia flight, this frozen treat had a unique combination of fruits along with a vanilla base. I found the fruit component to have a remarkably clean flavor, where all three fruits are easily identifiable. The ice cream base was so-so: more icy than creamy. Pretty good for a mass-manufactured ice cream bar. 3.0/5.0

weis australian lychee watermelon strawberry fruit 3.0 ice cream bar
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Kirks pasito passion fruit soda: Continuing my sampling of Australian carbonated beverages, I purchased this tropical soda to pair with some fish and chips. The soda is sickening sweet but does have a passion fruit flavor, even if it's artificial. On closer inspection, I found that Kirk's is owned by Coca-Cola, though it is from Queensland, Australia. 2.0/5.0

kirks soda drinks passionfruit 2.0 kirkspasito passion fruit
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You Love Fruit passion fruit punch snack: This organic fruit leather snack has a fruit-by-the-foot feel, with heart-shaped slices you peel off of a paper backing. Each pack contains 16 sizable hearts, equating to two servings. It's not overly sweet like many fruit snacks are, and the passion fruit flavor is pure if not the most pronounced. Good source of fiber. Tastes healthy but not quite like a health food snack. 3.0/5.0

youlovefruit fruitsnacks fruitleather passionfruit organic 3.0 passion fruit punch snack
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Stonyfield Organic strawberry Fruit on the Bottom yogurt: A fairly standard take on strawberry yogurt. Nothing offensive, but nothing distinctive either. 2.5/5.0

yogurt stonyfield organic strawberry fruitonthebottom fruit berries 2.5 stonyfieldorganic on bottom
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Stonyfield Organic blueberry fruit on the bottom yogurt: I took advantage of a recent 5 for $4 sale at Whole Foods, which is why I've been reviewing so many Stonyfield yogurt products. I'm beginning to regret it now, though. This blueberry yogurt is too sweet, and its consistency is too runny, but I did like how it contained small whole blueberries rather than blueberry "pulp." 3.0/5.0

stonyfieldorganic yogurt organic blueberry wholefoods snac 3.0 fruit on bottom