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Peeled Snacks Southwest Spice Peas Please Snack: If you think about it, pea snacks are pretty weird, a compost mix of ground grains and vegetables reconstituted and shaped to resemble their original form. Imagine if corn chips looked like baby corn, or if potato puffs were shaped like fingerlings. Nonetheless, this organic take on pea snacks is pretty indistinguishable from others I've tried, with the same light texture, yet fried, oily aftertaste that leaves your fingers as greasy as if you just ate potato chips. The Southwest flavor has ... (read more) 2.5/5.0

organic vegetables berkeleybowl peeledsnacks southwest spice peas please snack 2.5
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Back to Nature Triple Ginger Cookies: Purchased on sale at Berkeley Bowl, these cookies incorporate ginger powder, crystallized ginger, and ginger extract (hence the "triple"). Decent basic ginger snap cookies that are crunchy without being a danger to your teeth. 3.0/5.0

berkeleybowl backtonature triple ginger cookies 3.0
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Coppenrath Traveller Vanilla Cookies on Tour: Purchased the vanilla flavor of these cookies after enjoying the caramel one. The vanilla is much more standard and run of the mill, but still has a decent crumbly texture and good value (the bag can last me more than a week and costs less than $3). If you're going to pick a flavor, though, I would definitely go with the caramel. 2.5/5.0

berkeleybowl sweets coppenrathtraveller vanilla cookies on tour 2.5
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I Heart Keenwah Aged Cheddar flavored quinoa puffs: Cheese puffs that substitute quinoa for corn and thus have a more substantial amount of protein (5g). About the size of a quarter, these crunchy bites have a flavor strongly reminiscent of aged cheddar boxed mac and cheese powder (the nice Amy's kind, not Kraft). Ends with a punchy peppercorn kick. Bag contains few servings (3). Worth a try if you're looking for a slightly healthier alternative to cheese puffs. 3.0/5.0

cheese quinoa iheartkeenwah aged cheddar flavored puffs 3.0 berkeleybowl
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Saffron Road Zesty ranch chickbean crisps : Multicolored triangular chips with a light ranch flavored coating. Similar in texture to Popchips. Flavor is pretty middle of the road - nothing notable here. 2.5/5.0

berkeleybowl chickpeas saffronroad zesty ranch chickbean crisps 2.5
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Pavel's Whole milk yogurt: Purchased on sale at Berkeley Bowl since I needed whole milk yogurt for a soup I was cooking. Product has a nice tart flavor, but the texture will be off putting to most. It doesn't have any stabilizers, so after you open it, it quickly becomes both clumpy and watery. Works well if you're adding to other things bough, like a soup or smoothie. 2.5/5.0

berkeleybowl pavels whole milk yogurt 2.5