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Fukusaya Cube Castella: From Nagasaki, this traditional Japanese cake comes in a thoughtfully crafted package that's a joy to open. The laminated paper box has perforations for bisecting the cube before pulling down its sides to reveal a cake further wrapped in textured waxed paper. The paper that encases the cake is precisely folded like origami. Finally, there is a small plastic "fork" that you bend to snap together to eat the cake. The cake I had was about a week past its due date, and according to the site, no ... (read more)

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Minamoto Kitchoan white peach mochi: As close to mochi perfection as I've experienced. Beautiful and thoughtful packaging. Each mochi is wrapped to resemble a peach, and the mochi itself has a textured coating to mimic the fuzziness of the fruit. Filling to mochi exterior ratio is very high. Interior paste is a vivid pink color and tastes of sweet peach. A very special treat. 5.0/5.0

minamotokitchoan japanese mochi peach whitepeach exceptional sweets dessert white 5.0
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Salt & Straw lavender honey ice cream: Excellent smooth texture. Too often, honey ice cream is too sweet and lavender ice cream is too floral. This ice cream is neither and is very well balanced. Scoop is extremely generous. Maybe too generous as I'm only interested in a taste. 4.5/5.0

icecream sweets dessert lavender honey portland strawandsugar saltstraw ice cream 4.5
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Golden Gate Bakery egg tart: Back in 2010, I came across this legendary Chinatown institution notable for its long lines of Chinese patrons. I ordered a single egg tart and sat on the curb on Grant street savoring the best egg tart I'd ever had. Unlike most I had previously tasted, which tend to sit out in display cabinets, this tart came out hot, giving the custard a glistening glow and a silky texture that was almost pudding-like. Ever since that day, I've gone out of my way to buy another on almost every trip back to... (read more) 4.5/5.0

eggtarts goldengatebakery sanfrancisco chinatown danta exceptional dessert sweets custard 4.5 egg tart
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Hontaka Ecorce : This Japanese line of cookies was first established in 1887 and is available in giftstores all around Japan. According to their website (translated to English via Google Translate), the cookie is made of just a few simple ingredients: flour, sugar, oil and fat, and eggs. What makes it unique is the thin and flaky layers, which are almost like a cross between a crepe and mille-feuille (though it's completely dry). Its buttery taste and precisely thin layers, along with its thoughtful packagin... (read more) 4.5/5.0

japanese ecorce hontaka cookies sweets exceptional 4.5 hontakaecorce
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Suzukake sogetsu Doriyaki: This Japanese treat was a gift from a visitor to my lab. The packaging had zero English, but with the help of Google Translate, I determined that the brand is Suzukake, and the snack is called sogetsu. I expected it to be dorayaki, but the pancake wrapper was actually made of glutinous rice instead of cake. As a huge fan of mochi, I am completely in favor of this substitution. Beside the texture, it tasted just like dorayaki, with a red bean filling that was sweeter than other Japanese confe... (read more) 4.5/5.0

sogetsu dorayaki japanese redbean 4.5 exceptional dessert sweets suzukakesogetsu doriyaki