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Golden Gate Bakery egg tart: Back in 2010, I came across this legendary Chinatown institution notable for its long lines of Chinese patrons. I ordered a single egg tart and sat on the curb on Grant street savoring the best egg tart I'd ever had. Unlike most I had previously tasted, which tend to sit out in display cabinets, this tart came out hot, giving the custard a glistening glow and a silky texture that was almost pudding-like. Ever since that day, I've gone out of my way to buy another on almost every trip back to San Francisco but have found the bakery closed for various reasons. It turns out the owners frequently close the place for weeks at a time for vacations and other reasons, which are only documented on hand written signs posted physically on the bakery door. This has led to Facebook and Twitter feeds of fans who self report whether the bakery is currently open. This week, after my third time visiting the city since 2010, I finally found the bakery open. I ordered an entire box, which was slit open at the corners to vent the freshly baked custards. In total, I went 40 minutes out of my way to get the tarts and walked 20 minutes back to work before eating one. They were still hot and entirely delicious. The pastry was flakier than I remembered, and the filling was substantial. At a little under $2 each, these egg tarts are worth a special trip. 4.5/5.0

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