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Mr. Wish Mango slush with aloe: Right next to the Flushing Main St subway station is Mr. Wish, a Taiwanese fruit and milk tea stand that has excellent frozen beverages. Their mango slush was a perfect solution to the summer heat, with diced mango mixed alongside aloe pieces (the latter of which I added for an additional toppings fee). If you find yourself in Flushing, I highly recommend this alternative to the more ordinary Coco and Quickly chains. 4.0/5.0

4.0 aloe slush mango mrwish nyc flushing drinks recommended
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Mr. Wish Apple slush with boba: Sharp green apple pulverized with ice. Sweeter than other options at this flushing-based drink stand. Proper boba is chewier and more substantial than most. 3.5/5.0

3.5 boba slush apple mrwish drinks recommended
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Mr. Wish Kiwi slush with lychee jelly: My mouth was burning after consuming an abnormally spicy bowl of noodle soup at the New World Mall. Despite the numerous bubble tea stands to choose from at the basement food court, I opted to go across the street to Mr. Wish, a cash-only tea shop that has especially good fruit slushies. The kiwi slush with lychee jelly was exactly what I needed: crisp and refreshing, tart yet sweet. The perfect palate cleanser. Consistency is just right so that you can drink the entire cup without finding ... (read more) 4.5/5.0

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Mr. Wish Black milk tea with boba: While I found the boba to be a bit too chewy, I otherwise found this classic beverage, which was not too sweet (I specified 25% sweetness) to be good. It is unfortunately too common to purchase black milk tea that doesn't actually have any herbal taste; this one fortunately avoids that pitfall. 3.0/5.0

3.0 tea milk black mrwish milktea boba drinks recommended
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Mr. Wish Special Fruit Tea: Mr. Wish is an Asian drink chain that serves fruit teas and slushies. I ordered their special fruit tea, which had a substantial amount of diced fruit, including passion fruit seeds, apples, and mango. The drink itself was far too sweet, and the fruit was overly acidic and sour. However, I will say that the avocado slush my partner ordered was excellent, so I would come back again for a different drink. 2.0/5.0

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