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Nissin シスコーン BIG strawberry shortcake corn flakes: Nissin BIG is a popular brand of frosted flake cereal, the equivalent of Tony the Tiger frosted flakes. In Japan, there are much fewer cereal options, always in bags rather than boxes, and less than a handful are aimed specifically towards kids -- in the grocery stores I've been to, the cereal takes up a small fraction of the aisle compared to an entire side that you'd normally find in the states. I've had the standard frosted flakes flavor before, which tastes exactly as you'd expect, but... (read more) 3.0/5.0

cereal nissinworld 3.0 flakes corn shortcake strawberry big シスコーン nissin japanese
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Nature’s Path Fruit juice corn flakes: Fruit juice-enhanced corn flakes was completely unknown to me until I purchased this box from Nature’s Path. They taste like normal corn flakes at first (though thicker and thus less crispy than something like Kellogg’s Corn Flakes) but have a faintly sweet aftertaste that isn’t necessarily identifiable as pear (the juice used in this product) but has a vague almost apple like taste. It’s not a flavor I particularly enjoyed nor disliked and as a result can’t imagine purchasing again. 3.0/5.0

berkeleybowl 3.0 flakes corn juice fruit naturespath pear cereal organic
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Arrowhead Mills Gluten Free Maple Buckwheat Flakes: As far as healthy "adult" cereal goes, these buckwheat flakes are some of the best I've had. The maple glaze makes them just sweet enough, and they keep their crunchy consistently longer than any other flakes I know of. I like eating them on their own with milk, though if you wanted more sweetness, I'm sure their recommendation of fresh fruit would do the job as well. While I'm usually skeptical of gluten free foods, these flakes don't seem to be lacking at all. 4.0/5.0

berkeleybowl 4.0 flakes buckwheat maple gluten arrowheadmills recommended cereal organic
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365 Honey Flakes & Oak Clusters Cereal: A slightly elevated version of Honey Bunches of Oats, sadly with less clusters but with a more complex honey flavor. Corn flakes retain crunchy texture in milk. A solid breakfast option. 3.0/5.0

wholefoods 365 honey flakes oak clusters cereal 3.0
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Microwaved marshmallow topped with frosted flakes: In a moment of desperation mixed with curiosity, I decided to combine two items recently purchased from Whole Foods (both WH branded). The marshmallow was heated in the microwave for 25 seconds with some corn flakes garnished on top. I took this picture about 3 seconds too late as the marshmallow was fantastically inflated upon removing my plate from the microwave. I sprinkled a few more flakes on top and ate with a fork. It was delicious. 4.0/5.0

marshmallow frostedflakes wholefoods diy microwaved topped frosted flakes 4.0
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365 organic frosted flakes: less sugary than those offered by Tony the Tiger but otherwise tastes very similar. An ok basic breakfast cereal. 2.5/5.0

wholefoods 365 frostedflakes organic frosted flakes 2.5