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Nissin シスコーン BIG strawberry shortcake corn flakes: Nissin BIG is a popular brand of frosted flake cereal, the equivalent of Tony the Tiger frosted flakes. In Japan, there are much fewer cereal options, always in bags rather than boxes, and less than a handful are aimed specifically towards kids -- in the grocery stores I've been to, the cereal takes up a small fraction of the aisle compared to an entire side that you'd normally find in the states. I've had the standard frosted flakes flavor before, which tastes exactly as you'd expect, but this was my first time seeing the strawberry bag, which was released sometime last fall. I purchased it at Nissin World, an international grocery store selling many imported goods (though this cereal is from Japan, I haven't seen it elsewhere). The flavor reminds me a lot of a milder version of Nesquick strawberry syrup, which I have to say I did crave as a kid but never had at home. It also has a bit of a tart strawberry flavor, rather than being fully sweet. Eating the cereal with milk also doesn't produce as saturated of a sweet flavor as strawberry milk, which I personally prefer to overly sweetened chocolate milk you often get with chocolate-flavored cereal. It also doesn't turn milk an artificial color (it stays milky white). 3.0/5.0

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