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Drop the Mic Ice Cream: Continuing from the previous review, the second set consisted of the green apple sorbet, black truffle ice cream, and purple potato ice cream. My favorite was the green apple sorbet, which had always been fantastic (a tip: you can go across the street and order it any time at the dessert club). I've been told it has to be made fresh consistently since the vivid green color fades once it starts to oxidize. The truffle ice cream had a very potent, savory flavor. Interesting but not what I pers... (read more) 4.0/5.0

chikalicious dropthemicicecream icecream sorbet truffle greenapple ube purplepotato cake semifreddo recommended nyc eastvillage 4.0 dropthemic ice cream
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Drop the Mic Ice Cream: Chikalicious is my favorite dessert bar, and I highly recommend it if you haven't been before. They recently launched an ice cream menu at the bar when it had normally been closed M-W. The ice cream I previously had, both in plated desserts and across the street at their dessert club shop, were all impressive. On my last visit, I tried each of their current offerings and will share my thoughts on each one, though the overall score is representative of all the ice cream. Pictured here is the... (read more) 4.0/5.0

dropthemicicecream recommended icecream sweetpotato chikalicious coffee grapefruit sorbet eastvillage dessert sweets cake semifreddo 4.0 dropthemic ice cream
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Fuku Koreano sandwich: An off-menu item at David Chang's new fried chicken joint in the East Village, this sandwich is exactly the same as the regular fried chicken sandwich with the addition of pickled daikon radish. The pickled veggies are well worth the extra dollar (at $9), as they cut through the surprisingly fatty fried chicken. The chicken itself is very moist and mostly dark meat, and the seasoning of the breading is spot on. The sandwich comes with a side of SaƤ sauce, which tastes like a combination of s... (read more) 4.0/5.0

fuku friedchicken davidchang eastvillage sandwich recommended 4.0 koreano