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Dolce Cucumber mint and lemon gelato: Surprisingly good gelato from a small shop in Red Hook. Texture is excellent. Cucumber mint was refreshingly clean, and lemon was tart and sharp. Pure and concentrated flavors. Out of the way, but if you’re in the area, Dolce is definitely worth a stop. 4.0/5.0

recommended sorbet gelato brooklyn nyc dolce cucumber mint lemon 4.0
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Found cucumber and and mint sparkling water: A surprisingly flavorful drink that would pair well with many different foods. Crisp and just sweet enough. Mint drinks sometimes run the risk of tasting like mouthwash, but this one is well balanced. A spa day for the mouth. 4.0/5.0

found drinks cucumber mint recommended soda fizzy 4.0 sparkling water
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Lay’s Cucumber Potato Chips: One thing I find overwhelming but also awe-inspiring is that no matter how hard I try, I will never be able to try every flavor of Lay’s potato chips. These cucumber-flavored chips were purchased at an Asian grocery store and originate from China. Perhaps this is unsurprising, as crushed cucumbers, flavored with salt and vinegar, are a perennial side dish in Chinese restaurants. These chips are both savory and sweet, with a remarkably true-to-name flavor. They taste more vegetal than sal... (read more) 4.0/5.0

Kamman chinese chips potatochips junkfood lays cucumber potato 4.0 recommended
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Mashti Malone Cucumber Sorbet: After getting a scoop from Saffron & Rose, my sister and I stopped by Mashti Malone to compare. Half of Mashti Malone has regular American ice cream, while the other has more interesting Persian options. The difference in quality between S&R and Mashti is immediately noticeable, though, even before tasting. While the cucumber sorbet I tasted had an interesting savory vegetable flavor, it was more of an italian ice than a sorbet, with a very icy texture. When it comes to Turkish flavors, ... (read more) 2.0/5.0

mashtimalone cucumber sorbet 2.0 icecream losangeles
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Mini Takis Zombie Nitro Flavor: Of all the snacks in my first #munchpak, I was most anxious about trying this one. First, I've rarely seen this brand outside of convenience stores and gas stations. Next, the green color of the \"zombie\" themed flavor screams artificial. But I found myself pleasantly surprised that the snack wasn't actually bad. The chips texturally are like rolled up Fritos, making them pretty dense. What makes the snack stand out is its habanero and cucumber flavor combo, which is reminiscent of green s... (read more) 3.0/5.0

takis zombie chips habanero cucumber lime nitro 3.0 minitakis flavor
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Saffron & Rose orange blossom and cucumber sorbets: Incredibly smooth, light, and crisp. Perfect palate cleanser 4.5/5.0

exceptional turkishicecream losangeles saffronrose orange blossom cucumber sorbets 4.5