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2017 01 07 10.24.25

Biena Habanero Chickpea Snacks: Protein-rich dried chickpea snack with a dry spice coating consisting of tomato, onion, and garlic powder, cumin, and habanero pepper (it's not spicy but well spiced). Messy to eat out of the bag as it's crumbly and quickly coats your fingers. Instead, these crunchy bits are a fantastic addition to a salad, adding enough flavor to make dressing unnecessary. That's exactly what I did when there were only crumbs left at the bottom of the bag, and what I would do if I were to purchase this s... (read more) 3.5/5.0

berkeleybowl 3.5 chickpea habanero biena
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Mini Takis Zombie Nitro Flavor: Of all the snacks in my first #munchpak, I was most anxious about trying this one. First, I've rarely seen this brand outside of convenience stores and gas stations. Next, the green color of the \"zombie\" themed flavor screams artificial. But I found myself pleasantly surprised that the snack wasn't actually bad. The chips texturally are like rolled up Fritos, making them pretty dense. What makes the snack stand out is its habanero and cucumber flavor combo, which is reminiscent of green s... (read more) 3.0/5.0

takis zombie chips habanero cucumber lime nitro 3.0 minitakis flavor
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Lawless Jerky Mango habanero beef jerky: Excellent flavor that's slightly sweet and fruity but ends with a pleasant amount of heat. Very good quality, grass-fed beef. Some pieces are more moist than others-the moister ones are fantastic. A little salty, but not bad for jerky more generally. Highly recommend. 4.5/5.0

beefjerky jerky beef mango habanero exceptional lawlessjerky grassfed 4.5