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Maine Root lemon lime soda: Lightly carbonated citrus soda that is on the sweet side. I prefer a more fizzy drink, but the overall flavor is not bad, though it's not distinctive enough to purchase again. 3.0/5.0

maineroot soda drinks lemonlime citrus 3.0 leanbox lemon lime
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Mansi calamansi drink: Kalamansi is citrus fruit indigenous to the Philippines that's a cross between an orange and a kumquat. Mansi, a juice flavored with kalamansi, is remarkably refreshing, with a fantastic citrus flavor whose sharpness is balanced by a bit of honey. The website for the brand lists all sorts of health benefits for the fruit, from reduced acne to better digestive health. Regardless of whether any of this is true, the drink is one of the most memorable I've had, and something I would be happy to ... (read more) 5.0/5.0

drinks drinkmansi calamansidrink kalamansi nyc mansi 5.0 exceptional citrus juice calamansi drink
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Happy Lemon grapefruit slush: A sweet but entirely refreshing drink. Has bits of what seems to be mango pudding throughout. Tropical citrus flavor. Have yet to have anything disappointing at this reliable spot in Flushing. 4.0/5.0

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Dalton Cola soda: I spotted this intriguing bottle of cola on my colleague @sharingnicely's desk, but we noticed it was over a year expired. Still, the list of ingredients (which includes lemon, ginger, cinnamon, star anise, and lavender) was enticing enough that we gave it a taste. After chilling the beverage and sampling it, I found an expertly balanced cola with mild yet distinct floral and citric notes. The soda itself was slightly flat, but I'll attribute this to it being far past its intended shelf life... (read more)

dalstoncola cola drinks recommended ginger lemon citrus spiced daltoncola soda
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Poland Spring raspberry lime sparkling water: Surprisingly good mainstream drink. Very clear fruit and citrus flavor that doesn't leave a salty aftertaste like a lot of seltzer. Affordable and widely available. Highly recommended. 4.0/5.0

polandspring seltzer sparklingwater raspberry lime citrus drinks recommended 4.0 sparkling water
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Kung Fu Tea Citron Tea: Made from jarred citron tea mix, this is nonetheless a refreshing citrus tea with rinds of lemon / orange. Boba was on the soft side but decent. Quickly learning that quality control varies a lot among the KFTs in Boston. This one in Boston on Mass Ave near the Christian Science Church is alright. 3.0/5.0

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