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2016 09 20 16.01.40

Kung Fu Tea Mango Slush: Purchased at 25% sugar, this icy drink is a thirst quencher but has a bit of an artificial mango flavor, like the type you might expect from mango-flavored gelatin snacks. While I was told that the drink contained mango pulp, it wasn't discernible. Not bad, but also not great. 3.0/5.0

kungfutea mango slush 3.0 drinks
2016 07 31 20.12.44

Kung Fu Tea Longan Tea: This herbal fruit tea has a familiar flavor to those who are accustomed to eating the Asian fruit, but even at 50% sweetness, it was far too sweet. 2.0/5.0

drinks kungfutea longan tea 2.0
2016 07 02 14.51.48

Kung Fu Tea Lychee tea with boba and lychee jelly: Purchased from the Kung Fu Tea in Edison, NJ, this tea drink was far too sweet despite specifying 25% sweetness. The boba was also disappointingly soft. The jelly, though, had a decently firm bite. It's too bad there is so much variability with drinks from this chain. 2.0/5.0

drinks tea kungfutea lychee boba jelly 2.0
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Kung Fu Tea peach oolong tea with boba: While I was told this tea drink has no sugar, it was clear that was false on the first sip. The sweetness isn't overwhelming but significantly more than zero. Peach and herbal flavor is above average. The boba was too squishy, but the jelly that came with the drinks was good. 3.0/5.0

kungfutea drinks boba peach oolong tea boston 3.0
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Kung Fu Tea honey black tea with boba: Half a year ago, I posted a positive review of the newly opened Kung Fu Tea in Somerville (Davis Square), with particular praise for their boba. I've since returned several times and have found the quality has dropped significantly. For my last visit, I had half-sugar honey black tea, which was fine, but the boba was mushy and soft. As a result, I am removing my endorsement of KFT Davis. 2.5/5.0

kungfutea somerville boba milktea 2.5 drinks honey blacktea tea black
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Kung Fu Tea brown sugar ginger tea with boba: This hot beverage evolved over time, but for the worse. I really liked how the ginger flavor was prominent and unforgiving-perfect for cold winter nights. But as I progressed to the bottom of the cup, the drink became overly sweet. And the boba was terrible (far too mushy). For the tea alone, it was a 3.5, but with the boba, it comes down to a 3.0. 3.0/5.0

kungfutea tea boba drinks asian ginger brownsugar 3.0 brown sugar