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Morgenstern's Tour Pine'Our soft serve: One of my favorite chefs, Paul Liebrandt, recently collaborated with the LES ice cream shop Morgenstern's and introduced a series of special soft serve flavors over the course of a month. I sampled the last one, a swirl of strawberry hibiscus sorbet and sunchoke ice cream. The texture of the soft serve was excellent, and I especially loved the sharpness of the sorbet. The sunchoke ice cream was fine, but more of a neutral base for the sorbet. The entire dessert was topped with toasted hazel... (read more) 4.0/5.0

softserve recommended frozen sorbet strawberry hibiscus sunchoke icecream morgensterns tour pine'our soft serve 4.0
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Alasehir Sarikz strawberry flavored sparking water: Purchased from the Turkish grocery store Sevan in Watertown, this brand of sparkling water comes in an assortment of fruit flavors. The stout green bottle provides just enough beverage to accompany a small meal. Flavorwise, the strawberry drink reminded me of fruit-flavored paste sometimes used in dental cleaning. Largely artificial, and not a drink I would purchase again. 2.0/5.0

sparkling drinks soda turkish alasehir sarikz strawberry flavored water 2.0
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Fresco Gelateria Lemon Basil and Strawberry Gelato: Located in the East Village, this small shop has an impressive mountainous range of gelato on display, each labeled with Scrabble tiles. They serve some of the best gelato the city has to offer. The lemon basil was equal parts sharp and herbaceous, and the strawberry flavor had excellent texture. Just the right amount of sweetness too. Highly recommended. 4.5/5.0

exceptional frescogelateria lemon basil strawberry gelato 4.5
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G.L. Alfieri strawberry almond milk: I'm a fan of almond milk and had never had a strawberry-flavored one before, so this sample-sized bottle from G.L. Alfieri in the Ferry Building peaked my interest. Despite the questionable pepto-pink color, the drink was unexpectedly light, with a clean creamy strawberry flavor and slight nutty finish. The sweetness was just enough to trigger strawberry milk nostalgia while still feeling like a responsible, healthy adult. 4.0/5.0

glalfieri recommended ferrybuilding sanfrancisco strawbery almondmilk drinks 4.0 strawberry almond milk
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Asha Tea House strawberry black tea with grass jelly: A small tea shop with locations in Berkeley and Sam Francisco, Asha offers several milk and fruit tea options. I was thoroughly impressed with the strawberry tea I ordered, which contained real crushed strawberries. The strawberry seeds added great texture, and the grass jelly complemented the herbal black tea. While the strawberry "purée" was on the sweet side, the rest of the drink appeared to be unsweetened. Highly recommended. 4.5/5.0

ashatea sanfrancisco blacktea strawberry drinks 4.5 exceptional grassjelly ashateahouse black tea grass jelly
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Weis strawberry, watermelon, and lychee ice cream bar: One of several snacks I received on my Virgin Australia flight, this frozen treat had a unique combination of fruits along with a vanilla base. I found the fruit component to have a remarkably clean flavor, where all three fruits are easily identifiable. The ice cream base was so-so: more icy than creamy. Pretty good for a mass-manufactured ice cream bar. 3.0/5.0

weis australian lychee watermelon strawberry fruit 3.0 ice cream bar