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Food Should Taste Good roasted red pepper brown rice crackers: This snack had done the impossible--make brown rice taste good! A rare case where a snack cracker holds its own without any dip. In fact, to pair it with a dip would mask two characteristics that make it essentially perfect. First, the red pepper and sesame flavor is pronounced, and the cracker is already perfectly seasoned. Second, the texture of the cracker is ideal: super crispy, yet just thick enough to still be substantial. This hardly ever happens, but I am at a loss at what could make... (read more) 5.0/5.0

exceptional perfect fstg foodshouldtastegood 5.0 crackers brownrice sesame redpepper roasted red pepper brown rice
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I Mei sesame cream wafers: I was excited to find a black sesame flavored snack, but these wafers are unfortunately lacking. The wafer texture and flavor is not unlike a typical ice cream cone (styrofoam-like), and there is only a small amount of cream. The snack would benefit from more cream and sesame flavor and a little more sweetness (there is 4g sugar in one serving). 2.0/5.0

imei taiwanese wafer blacksesame sesame avoid sweets asian cream wafers 2.0
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Back to Nature sesame tarragon crackers: Wheat crackers that have a unique herby flavor (contains tarragon, parsley, and basil). Slightly underseasoned. Decent healthy snack. 3.5/5.0

backtonature crackers wholegrain wheat tarragon parsley basil sesame 3.5
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Greenmax black sesame cereal: If you haven't had black sesame cereal before, it's a powdered mix drink popular in asian countries. This brand is from Taiwan. Mixed with hot water, it creates a thick drink (similar in consistency to hot chocolate), but typically much more nutritious. It is one of my favorite things to drink in cold weather. This brand is especially good because it's not too sweet, and the black sesame flavor is deep and comforting. 4.0/5.0

greenmax asian hmart blacksesame drinks taiwan black sesame cereal 4.0
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Daifuku sesame mochi: Mochi texture is somewhat tough and thick, and the filling is grainy and dry. The mochi is covered in sesame seeds. Flavor is overly sweet yet non-distinct. Very disappointing mochi. 1.0/5.0

mochi daifuku sesame japanese avoid hmart 1.0
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Lundberg sesame and seaweed rice chips: One of the only gluten free snacks I really enjoy. Made with brown rice, these chips are crunchy and savory with a slightly sweet aftertaste. Only downside is the small serving size (9 chips). 4.0/5.0

lundberg chips glutenfree sesame seaweed rice recommended 4.0