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Forager Vanilla Cashewgurt: This non-dairy yogurt made with cashew milk had a much thinner consistency than regular yogurt. It’s almost like a non-cream-based soup in terms of viscosity. Texture aside, the flavor is decent, but not particularly memorable. You might even say it was a bit vanilla. 3.0/5.0

yogurt nondairy berkeleybowl forager vanilla cashewgurt 3.0
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Forager Lemon Cashewgurt: Lemon (and perhaps citrus more generally) just never seems to work as well as other fruit-flavored yogurt. Its hydrous pulp segments risk watering down the yogurt, and their omission consequently leaves little room for texture. Though zest has the potential to provide a freshness that cuts through a creamy yogurt base, it can, in combination, lead to an overwhelmingly acidic and tart flavor. Rather than seeing lemon standing on its own, I'd like to see more yogurt incorporating lemon as a... (read more) 2.5/5.0

berkeleybowl yogurt forager lemon cashewgurt 2.5
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Forager Wild Blueberry Cashewgurt: While almond and soy are typically in the spotlight for dairy-alternative foods, San Francisco-based Forager utilizes cashews for the same range of products, including cashew milk and yogurt. Continuing my survey into non-dairy yogurts, I purchased several "cashewgurt" yogurt flavors from Berkeley Bowl during a recent sale. The organic Wild Blueberry flavor I tried first was the best. Its texture is slightly runnier than pudding (but not my much) and has a creamy and sweet flavor. It's mo... (read more) 4.0/5.0

yogurt berkeleybowl recommended berries forager wild blueberry cashewgurt 4.0
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Forager Strawberry Cashewgurt: Organic cashew-based yogurt. Beyond its unique dairy-free foundation, the flavor is fairly pedestrian - decent, but not dissimilar from other strawberry flavored yogurts. 3.0/5.0

berkeleybowl yogurt forager strawberry cashewgurt 3.0