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Chun Guang Coconut Candy: A consultation prize after a bad Thai meal, this complimentary milky-white coconut-flavored hard candy has a mellow, creamy taste. More nutty than most coconut treats, sweet but not overpoweringly so. One of the best candies I've had in recent memory. 4.0/5.0

4.0 candy coconut chunguang chinese recommended
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Nestle Butterfinger: As a child of the 90s, it's difficult for me to see a Butterfinger and not think of Bart Simpson. But it isn't the marketing that makes this candy good – it's that Butterfingers has captured a part of the candy market with few, if any, competitors that are able to replicate the same crispy and buttery consistency it is famous for. While others are similar in flavor, like Mary Janes, the flaky texture of the Butterfinger far surpasses that of any wafer candies (such as Kit Kats) or harder t... (read more) 4.0/5.0

4.0 butterfinger nestle chocolate candy recommended
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Hershey Whoppers: There are only a handful of mass-manufactured candies I enjoy but never actually purchase; instead, I wait for Halloween to find them for free. One of my favorites is the malted milk balls known as Whoppers, which provided my first experience with malted foods. I couldn't care less about the subpar milk chocolate coating, which I see only as a protector for the malted interior, which easily dissolves on the tongue and has a satisfying barley flavor. I credit Whoppers to opening the doors ... (read more) 4.0/5.0

4.0 whoppers hershey chocolate recommended malted candy
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Beijing Tastes Pistachio Flavored Candies: This bag of candies from China contained individually wrapped candies, each covered in a thin striped coating with a candy-cane-like sheen. Inside are crispy layers with a caramelized, nutty flavor. The texture is a bit like a mass-manufactured candy mille feuille. I grew up eating this type of peanut candy growing up and have a nostalgic fondness for it. 3.5/5.0

recommended chinese candy beijingtastes pistachio flavored candies 3.5
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Cadbury dairy milk and sweet biscuit chocolate: A final snack from my flight back from Australia, this milk chocolate bar was possibly the most sweet chocolate I've had. The sweet biscuits added a crunchy texture but also even more sweetness. 1.5/5.0

chocolate cadbury milkchocolate candy 1.5 avoid dairy milk sweet biscuit
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Bunderim Ginger ginger gummy bears: : these Australian gummy bears contain 5% ginger juice. They are substantially bigger and less chewy than Haribo, with a dense texture. Frosted on the exterior, the gummies' initial flavor is strange and waxy, but the aftertaste is unmistakably ginger, with a pleasant amount of spice. Still, it has less ginger flavor than Asian ginger chew candies. 2.5/5.0

bunderimginger ginger candy gummybears bunderim 2.5 gummy bears