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Awake caffeinated caramel chocolate: Milk chocolate bar segmented into four with a caramel filling. An entire bar contains as much caffeine as a cup of Joe. The chocolate itself is a basic milk chocolate, as was the gooey but overly sweet caramel. Whether or not the caffeine content was effective for me (or if the effects were purely psychological) I cannot say. 2.5/5.0

awake chocolate caramel candy caffeine munchpak caffeinated 2.5
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Lake Champlain Caramel Five Star bar: These "snack" bars always seem to be at the check out at Whole Foods. I'm not one to purchase chocolate on my own, but I received one for participating in a research study at my lab. Inside the fairly thick milk chocolate shell is a very sweet honey caramel mixed with nuts. The size of the chocolate is awkward: too big for a snack, and requires a knife to reasonably share with others. Overall, I found the caramel milk chocolate combo to be far too sweet. Unfortunately, this five star bar is ... (read more) 2.0/5.0

chocolate lakechamplain caramel almonds 2.0 candy five star bar
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Vidal creepy gummi: In my latest munchpak, I received this Halloween-themed candy, and I'm happy to report it is the only piece of candy I had on the holiday. The gummy had a bit of a cherry jello flavor and was more gelatinous (and less set) than most gummy candies. Not a candy I would ever purchase on my own. 2.0/5.0

vidal candy halloween spider munchpak 2.0 creepy gummi
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Tic Tac Peach Lemonade mixers: A few weeks ago, after a long flight of keeping my mouth shut, I was desperate to purchase some mints after I landed. Due to my fatigue and the lack of better options, I purchased a box of Tic Tacs, I brand I haven't had for about a decade. This particular line of \"Mixers\" involves "mints" (or, more acurately, candies) that change flavor as they dissolve. The one I purchased has a Runts-like peach flavored exterior that transitions to a tart lemonade center similar in some ways to Smarties... (read more) 2.0/5.0

tictac mints candy 2.0 peach lemonade mixers
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Specialty Selected strawberry soft licorice: Australian "licorice" that luckily tastes nothing like the classic herby snack. Instead, the candy is very sweet, thick, and more gummy than chewy. The type that get stuck in your teeth. Very filling. Substantial. But too sweet. 3.0/5.0

licorice candy strawberry 3.0 sweets specialtyselected soft
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Chimes mango ginger chews: I love ginger flavored things. If I see ginger candy, ale, or beer, chances are very high that I will try it. Over the years, I've become wary of non-Asian ginger candy, as they tend not to be particularly potent, likely in order to appeal to western palates. To my pleasant surprise, Chimes ginger chews defies this stereotype. I bought this flavor in particular because mango and ginger is not a common combination, particularly for ginger candy. Though difficult to remove from its packaging, ... (read more) 4.5/5.0

chimes ginger candy mango westsidemarket exceptional 4.5 chews