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Meller Caramel chocolate chews: Not-quite chewy caramel candies with a chocolate filling. Texturally comes closest to American Nips candies, but with a waxier texture and bite as if it had been sitting out a little too long. The sugary milk chocolate on the interior holds it shape when you bite into the caramel. Overall, passable as a mass manufactired candy - neither good nor bad, it meets expectations. Purchased from the Copenhagen airport with loose Danish kroner coins. 2.5/5.0

candy danish junkfood meller caramel chocolate chews 2.5
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Berkeley Bowl Coconut mango pomegranate organic chews: Power bites are the new granola bar. These soft chewy energy bites combine dried fruit, oats, and nuts - an ultra-portable trail mix. Coconut and mango add a tropical flavor while pomegranate provides a tartness that cuts through some of the richness. While they are super tasty, I don't find them to be very filling. If you have good portion control, you'll likely enjoy this treat. 4.0/5.0

recommended berkeleybowl coconut mango pomegranate organic chews 4.0
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Chimes peanut butter ginger chews: After sampling the surprisingly good mango ginger chews, I gave this unexpected flavor combination a try. Like most ginger candy, each is individually wrapped and dusted with a powdered coating, which prevents the candy from sticking too much to the wrapper. Small pieces of peanut are dispersed throughout the chew, and the nutty spicy combo overall works well. Three grams of sugar for a small chew seems like a lot, but in small quantities, this treat is good. 3.5/5.0

chimes ginger candy peanut peanutbutter 3.5 recommended instafood butter chews
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Chimes mango ginger chews: I love ginger flavored things. If I see ginger candy, ale, or beer, chances are very high that I will try it. Over the years, I've become wary of non-Asian ginger candy, as they tend not to be particularly potent, likely in order to appeal to western palates. To my pleasant surprise, Chimes ginger chews defies this stereotype. I bought this flavor in particular because mango and ginger is not a common combination, particularly for ginger candy. Though difficult to remove from its packaging, ... (read more) 4.5/5.0

chimes ginger candy mango westsidemarket exceptional 4.5 chews