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Seitenbacher Müsli #3: A kitchen-sink muesli, with textures crunchy and soft, flavors sweet and nutty. Sizable pieces of dried fruit include papaya, dates, apple, pineapple, and bananas. Corn flakes work alongside rolled oats, thrown together with sunflower seeds, almonds and cashews. Every mouthful is a different taste, yet they all work harmoniously, miraculously. The kind of product that breakfast lovers of all ages could love. For what it is, you'd be hard-pressed to find better. Purchased at Berkeley Bo... (read more) 4.5/5.0

4.5 #3 muesli seitenbacher breakfast exceptional
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Bandar Tikka Masala Naan Chips: A spiced take on pita chips, these parallelogram-shaped baked chips have a hearty crunch and warming blend of spices both savory and sweet. It doesn't have the meaty flavor I typically associate with the entree version of tikka masla, but it has all the same spices, including turmeric, onion powder, and garlic powder. The predominant aftertaste is cinnamon. An interesting snack, but probably would not purchase again. 3.0/5.0

3.0 chips naan masala tikka bandarsnacks pita indian berkeleybowl
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Cape Cod Ginger Original Ginger Soda: Sometimes bad packaging can be just as attention-grabbing as good branding, in effect indicating that the company might be spending more on its homemade product than on graphic design. That's likely the case with Cape Cod Ginger, a company specializing in carbonated, organic, cold-pressed ginger drinks of various fruit flavors including passion fruit and pineapple. I opted for the classic, which induced a healthy tingly sensation as good ginger drinks do. Slightly sweeter than I personall... (read more) 3.5/5.0

3.5 capecodginger ginger soda drinks organic recommended
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Noosa Strawberry Rhubarb Yoghurt: For those who like heartier spoonfuls of fruit "compote" mixed with their yogurt, Noosa is a fine option, especially this strawberry rhubarb flavor. We don't have enough rhubarb flavored snacks in the US, and Noosa does it well by combining it with the more familiar and classic strawberry. It is sweet but not overly so, with a creamy consistency that works well with the slightly acidic and tangy rhubarb. 3.5/5.0

3.5 yoghurt rhubarb strawberry noosa yogurt recommended
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Great Northern Food Hall Seabuckthorn Lemonade: We celebrated Fourth of July (a bit behind on reviews...) with Danish dogs at the Great Northern Food Hall, a Nordic food court in Grand Central Terminal (NYC) serving everything from open faced sandwiches to pastries to specialty drinks. To accompany the (tasty) hot dogs, I purchased a Seabuckthorn lemonade, which had a mostly opaque orange color that could easily be mistaken for orange juice save for the orange seabuckthorn berries floating on top. Acidic and slightly sour, it was a refr... (read more) 4.0/5.0

4.0 lemonade seabuckthorn greatnorthernfoodhall nyc drinks recommended
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Fantasy Fruit Farm Blueberry cider: Purchased on a whim from Fantasy Fruit Farm at the Union Square farmers market in NYC, this bottle of fresh pressed blueberry cider was insanely sweet, making it difficult to consume. Perhaps this speaks to the freshness of the fruit, but a milder drink would be more palatable. It tastes a bit different than normal cider, but if I hadn't seen the label, it would have been hard to guess it was blueberry flavored. 2.5/5.0

2.5 cider blueberry fantasyfruitfarm nyc farmersmarket unionsquaremarket drinks