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Ghia Ghia Soda: Some people have asked me why drinks are considered "snacks" on TastySnacking, and the simple answer is that I love beverages and am always seeking out new flavors –– often even more so than with non-liquid snacks. So when I find a drink that's especially good, it's extra exciting for me. This soda has a wondrous mix of ingredients including grape juice, yuzu, and fig combined with orange peel, ginger, and elderflower. Those flavors are expertly melded to give a fruity spiced drink that's remarkably potent. This drink is up there with some of my favorite freshly-made virgin cocktails I've had at restaurants that offer non-alcoholic beverage pairings – an impressive feat for a canned product. From their site, it looks like Ghia beverages are offered in a variety of specialty markets and restaurants. Ordered from OSTUDIO in Brooklyn. 4.5/5.0

exceptional drinks ghia soda 4.5