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2016 08 06 15.03.49

Sophia's Greek Pantry Honey Greek Yogurt: Sophia's Greek Pantry is a Greek grocery store in Belmont that sells homemade yogurt in a variety of flavors, including ouzo, coffee, and your typical assortment of fruit options (e.g., strawberry banana, blueberry). You can find the yogurt at the back of the store, where it's sold in small, medium, or large containers. The quality and consistency of the yogurt is phenomenal: thick, creamy, and smooth. After looking up information about its ingredients online, I was surprised to find that... (read more) 5.0/5.0

sophias 5.0 exceptional belmont sophiasgreekpantry honey greek yogurt
2016 07 19 00.28.49

365 Honey Flakes & Oak Clusters Cereal: A slightly elevated version of Honey Bunches of Oats, sadly with less clusters but with a more complex honey flavor. Corn flakes retain crunchy texture in milk. A solid breakfast option. 3.0/5.0

wholefoods 365 honey flakes oak clusters cereal 3.0
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Horizon Honey Grahams: This wholesome snack is on the sweet side but has a distinct honey flavor. The crackers are more substantial than most kids' snacks. Sadly, the real crackers are less cute than the ones on the box. 3.5/5.0

recommended grahamcrackers horizon honey grahams 3.5
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Haitai honey cheese snack: This snack was an impulse buy solely based on the unique honey and cheese flavor; I honestly didn't look closely at what exactly it was, so I was surprised to find four individual snack packs containing biscuit sticks that resemble coating-less pocky or salt-less pretzel sticks. The sweet flavor has a distinct funky undertone, which, according to the ingredients list, may come from cream cheese. It had a dessert-like vibe but also a savory bite. It's actually fairly good and definitely a fla... (read more) 3.0/5.0

haitai korean cheese honey bizarre hmart 3.0 biscuit creamcheese crackers snack
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Superbee sparkling honey and ginger soda: The final drink I purchased in Australia was another ginger soda I had never seen before. Incorporating Australian honey, the champagne-colored drink comes in a long, frosted glass bottle. The bubbles are small and delicate. Beyond this, though, the flavor was underwhelming, like a Canada Dry flavored with honey. There was very little spiced ginger aftertaste, and the honey dominated the drink. 3.0/5.0

drinks soda superbee australian ginger gingerbeer honey 3.0 sparkling
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Breadtop pork floss and honey bread: This sweet and savory (but mostly sweet) bread has a flaky, croissant-like crust and is topped with nori and corn. Inside is a scattering of pork floss. The combination of ingredients is surprising and would be worth purchasing again if the glaze were not so sweet 3.0/5.0

breadtop bakery bread australia porkfloss 3.0 pork floss honey