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Tre Marie Ancora Una milk cream filled wafer: From Milan, these bite-sized square vanilla wafers are like Quadratini, only better, with a deliciously rich milk filling. Thin wafers are crispy yet substantial. A snack whose quality you can clearly taste. 3.5/5.0

3.5 wafer filled cream milk una ancora tremarie dessert sweets italian montereymarket recommended
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Loacker Blackcurrant Quadratini Wafer Cookies: Generally, I'm a fan of the Italian brand Loacker, which offers square snack-sized wafers in a variety of flavors. I found the blackcurrant flavor to be especially good because they are actually more tart than sweet. The wafers are crispy and thin, and because they are thick, they feel like a substantial snack despite the bite-size package. Definitely one of the best Loacker wafers I've had. 4.0/5.0

4.0 cookies wafer quadratini blackcurrant loacker berries sweets recommended
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Kobe Fugetsudo Gaufres: Kobe Fugetsudo is an established Japanese confectionery brand offering various cookies and sweets. Without realizing they were called gaufres, I grew up eating mini gaufres from my local Chinese supermarket. Gaufres are sandwich cookies with wafer-like crisps and a thin layer of cream between. The Kobe Fugetsudo version is massive, at about 6.5" in diameter and just a couple millimeters thick. Unlike the store-bought cookies I had growing up, these wafers are crispy and light with a faint sw... (read more) 4.0/5.0

kobefugetsudo japanese gaufres wafer strawberry 4.0 recommended
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Prestige Troy: A Bulgarian milk chocolate coated wafer bar that is pretty solid, especially compared to other wafer bars I've received in my #munchpak packages as of late. The candy contains no artificial sweeteners, preservatives, or artificial coloring agents according to the packaging. Chocolate quality is decent and not overly sweet, especially for this type of vending machine option. Would eat again if it were given to me, but likely would not go out of my way to purchase (which is normally the case f... (read more) 3.0/5.0

wafer chocolate prestige troy bulgarian candy 3.0
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Smak Po Brzegi Goralki Mleczne (wafer with cream filling): About twice as thick as a kit kat, this wafer bar is sealed around its border with a thin layer of milk chocolate. In between the styrofoam-like layers is a whole-milk cream. The milk flavor is more prominent than the chocolate, which makes it somewhat distinctive, but nonetheless not notably desirable. 2.0/5.0

munchpak 2.0 wafer milk chocolate polish candy smakpobrzegi goralki mleczne (wafer cream filling)
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Simsek Cikolatali Gofret: Turkish wafer chocolate bar from my latest Munchpak. The wafer is reminiscent of Joy ice cream cones: flaky styrofoam devoid of flavor. A thin layer of milk chocolate with a waxy mouthfeel coats. 1.5/5.0

munchhpak simsek cikolatali chocolate turkish foreign wafer 1.5 avoid gofret