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2016 11 03 11.34.47

Hershey Whoppers: There are only a handful of mass-manufactured candies I enjoy but never actually purchase; instead, I wait for Halloween to find them for free. One of my favorites is the malted milk balls known as Whoppers, which provided my first experience with malted foods. I couldn't care less about the subpar milk chocolate coating, which I see only as a protector for the malted interior, which easily dissolves on the tongue and has a satisfying barley flavor. I credit Whoppers to opening the doors ... (read more) 4.0/5.0

4.0 whoppers hershey chocolate recommended malted candy
2016 08 23 17.22.12

Organic Valley Chocolate Lowfat Milk: I got this chocolate milk along with my Chipotle kids' meal (a perfect size for adults who cannot finish a Chipotle burrito, like me). The chocolate flavor was too sweet, but it did have a satisfying richness. I also didn't get sick from the actual food. 2.5/5.0

organicvalley chocolate lowfat milk 2.5 drinks organic
2016 08 04 22.17.07

Newman's Own Mint Chocolate Newman O's Cookies: Since I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of Newman Own's ginger sandwich cremes, I decided to get an alternative flavor. The mint flavor is similarly good, with a prominent mint flavor and hearty chocolate cookies. I like leaving the bag open so that the cookies get a little softer and less crumbly. 3.5/5.0

recommended wholefoods newmansown mint chocolate newman o's cookies 3.5
2016 07 31 12.24.18

Momofuku Milk bar Cornflake chocolate chip marshmallow cookie: Not actually the kitchen sink cookie (there is an actual branded one here), this chewy cookie was too sweet for my taste, but I did appreciate the texture. Cornflakes add a surprisingly substantial and welcome flavor. 3.0/5.0

sweets momofukumilkbar cornflake chocolate chip marshmallow cookie 3.0
2016 07 24 21.16.21

Califa Farm Chocolate Protein Almondmilk: Once in while, I get a craving for chocolate milk, and this single-serving beverage was the perfect amount to satisfy my latest craving. As a non-dairy drink, it's looser than your typical chocolate milk but has a distinct nutty aftertaste. It's also sweeter than I personally prefer but not atypical for chocolate milk. Fortified with vitamins and a substantial amount of protein (6g). 3.5/5.0

drinks recommended califafarm chocolate protein almondmilk 3.5
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Darrell Lea dark chocolate covered ginger: This box of chocolates contains a gold-colored pouch with bite-sized chocolates. The chocolate coating is thin but substantial enough and encloses a chewy dried ginger interior. The ginger is mildly spiced and very sweet. My only previous experience with Darrell Lea is the strawberry licorice they sell at Trader Joe's, which I like. This candy was about average. 2.5/5.0

darrelllee chocolate ginger darkchocolate australian 2.5 darrelllea dark covered