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Cheeseboard Ginger Molasses Cookie: One of the seasonal baked goods available at the Berkeley pizza shop Cheeseboard, the ginger molasses cookie is a mostly chewy cookie with candied ginger scattered throughout and a pleasantly spiced flavor. Not particularly spicy or potent. It's certainly better than most store-bought cookies, but it isn't above average for fresh-baked goods. 3.0/5.0

sweets cheeseboard ginger molasses cookie 3.0
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Cheeseboard Buffalo Milk Soft Serve Ice Cream: Regrettably, I ordered the swirl of chocolate and plain milk flavors, and while the texture was smooth and creamy, the chocolate had a generic taste that masked the more mild milk flavor. While it was higher quality, this ice cream did remind me a bit of the little cups of vanilla and chocolate ice cream you ate with a wooden spoon as a kid. Not bad per se, but not great either. 2.5/5.0

icecream cheeseboard buffalo milk soft serve ice cream 2.5 softserve
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Cheeseboard Asiago Roll: While I find the pizzeria next door to be overrated, I've generally had great experiences at the Cheeseboard cheese shop and bakery. The asiago roll, covered in sesame seeds, demands to be eaten fresh out of the oven, when tearing the crust reveals a warm and soft wondrously scented interior, smelling strongly of yeast, cheese, and onion. The onion is caramelized, and combined with the crunchy bits of toasted cheese on the outside, the bread is the ideal savory snack. 4.5/5.0

exceptional bread berkeley cheese cheeseboard asiago roll 4.5
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Cheeseboard Brioche: The Cheeseboard brioche is a knotted roll that's more rich than sweet, with what must be a very generous amount of butter and eggs. They're what give it a vivid yellow color and soft texture. Raisins add to the lightly sweetened bread. A more neutral offering than their savory breads. 3.5/5.0

recommended cheeseboard berkeley bread brioche 3.5
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Cheeseboard Daily special muffin: On my latest visit, Cheeseboard's daily special contained citrus and ginger, with a sharp and sweet orange flavor. Batter was moist. Good baked treat, though not as special as some of the other items in stock. 3.0/5.0

bakery berkeley orange cheeseboard daily special muffin 3.0
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Cheeseboard Corn Cherry Scone: Wholly satisfying combination of textures, with a slightly crusty baked exterior, soft but grainy textured interior (from the cornmeal), and plump and tart cherry halves scattered throughout, Areas of sugar coating seem extraneous, as it is just sweet enough without. A nice sweet baked good that's substantial but not heavy. 3.5/5.0

recommended bakedgoods berkeley cheeseboard corn cherry scone 3.5