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2016 09 11 15.17.54

Toscanini Green Tea and Miso Soft Serve: As an end of summer treat, I found myself at Toscanini's realizing I had never had their soft-serve before. Luckily, they had an intriguing offering of green tea swirled with miso (you can order them separately if you desire). The texture of the ice cream was excellent: smooth, creamy, and very consistent. The flavors themselves were pleasant but seemed to be designed for a more neutral palate – the matcha is more sweet than herbal, and the miso tastes like sesame but does not have a dist... (read more) 4.0/5.0

recommended match cambridge softwerve toscanini green tea miso soft serve 4.0
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Berryline Watermelon Froyo with Mochi: Watermelon and yogurt aren't two flavors I've imagined together, but Berryline expertly marries them into a wonderfully refreshing summer treat. Slightly tart but just sweet enough, the seasonal flavor is subtly impactful. The homemade mochi is good too, with a chewier consistency than the larger chains. 4.0/5.0

recommended cambridge boston yogurt berryline watermelon froyo mochi 4.0
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High Rise Bakery ginger oatmeal cookie: Great moist cookie with bits of candied ginger throughout. Lightly piiced flavor, perhaps with cinnamon and / or molasses. Not too sweet. 3.5/5.0

highrisebakery cookies ginger oatmeal 3.5 recommended cambridge cookie
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Rhythm 'n Wraps sorrel 'n lime punch: Purchased at the Rhythm 'n Wraps food truck outside the Harvard science center, this refreshing drink is just sweet enough, with a pleasantly spiced flavor (I was told it had ginger in it). It comes with no ice, but I do wish there was just a little since it seems like it's best cold. A great accompaniment to the Spicy Gangsta Wrap. 3.5/5.0

rhythmnwraps cambridge harvardsquare drinks punch 3.5 sorrel lime recommended 'n
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Life Alive ginger crush juice: Disappointing weak ginger flavor, though it did leave a tingly feeling in my throat afterwards. Wish it were much stronger. Seemed almost like ginger flavored water rather than a ginger juice. 2.5/5.0

lifealive cambridge ginger drinks juice 2.5 crush
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Bagelsaurus oatmeal chocolate chip cookie: My favorite part of eating an oatmeal cookie is the texture-the more whole oats, the better. This cookie didn't have that texture at all. In fact, if I didn't purchase it, I probably wouldn't have known it had oatmeal. The texture otherwise, though, was pretty good: soft and chewy. Very sweet overall. 3.0/5.0

bagelsaurus cambridge cookie chocolate oatmeal sweets chip 3.0