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Keki Modern Cakes Milk soft serve: When I went to Keki to try their cheesecake, they had a promotion where they were giving away free soft serve. Their only available flavor was milk, and while the texture of the softserve was good, it tasted very simply of rich whole milk. It’s not a flavor that develops in any way, and it was too rich for me, so I did something I’ve only done once before in the history of Tasty Snacking and threw it out. 1.0/5.0

avoid nyc softserve icecream chinatown kekimoderncakes milk soft serve 1.0
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Yaya Tea Clean Clothes kiwi and mango fruit tea with boba: This Little Italy-based tea shop has mixed fruit tea flavors with bizarre names like “Blue Blood” and “My First Car.” I ordered one of the weirdest ones, a mango and kiwi fruit tea called “Clean Clothes.” Somehow the tea managed to be simultaneously super artificial tasting yet also incredibly diluted, with a sweet yet sour flavor that reminded me of those Chinese jello snacks and Jolly Rancher candies. The boba was similarly subpar - overly hard and lacking any taste. Definitely the worst... (read more) 1.0/5.0

avoid nyc drinks bubbletea yayatea clean clothes kiwi mango fruit tea boba 1.0
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Burger King Cheetos Chicken Fries: I very rarely get fast food, and it's often in times of dire need and a lack of alternatives. I had just a few minutes before my flight from Las Vegas, and the closest fast food "restaurant" was a Burger King. The Cheetos Chicken Fries were crazy enough to give them a shot, and I figured it would take no time at all to stuff them in a box. The Burger King Cheetos Chicken Fries are in actuality chicken "sticks," thinner and longer than your typical mozzarella sticks with a breaded fried coa... (read more) 1.0/5.0

avoid fried burgerking cheetos chicken fries 1.0
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Nestle LZ: A Bulgarian white chocolate bar that is aerated so that it's not solid.the bar is divided into smaller segments that can be broken off, a bit like a Hershey's bar but not flat. The overly sweet and fatty white chocolate, combined with its waxy mouthfeel, reminds me why I would never select to eat white chocolate on my own. 1.0/5.0

nestle lz chocolate whitechocolate avoid munchpak candy 1.0
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Sweepy crackers with Dulce de Leche dip: Avoided this snack to the point that it became the last in my #munchpak. Sad, flavorless biscuit sticks with a basic caramel sauce. Not offensive per se, but not a snack I would ever eat again. 1.0/5.0

sweepy dulcedeleche caramel avoid crackers dulce de leche dip 1.0
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Kung Fu Tea honey lemonade with boba: This "less sweet" drink (at 30% sweetness) was unbalanced, with an unpleasant amount of acidity that built up over time. The real crime was the boba, though, which was so soft it was almost like chewing gum. No bite whatsoever. Quality control is not good in Chinatown. 1.0/5.0

kungfutea chinatown boston lemonade boba honey drinks asian avoid 1.0