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Hapi green tea pudding: Japanese pudding with a very traditional asian pudding texture (more gelatinous and set than American pudding). The green tea flavor is on the sweet side and conventionally artificial yet nostalgically satisfying. Pricy for the size (each cup costs slightly over a dollar from hmart). 3.0/5.0

hapi japanese greentea matcha pudding hmart green tea 3.0
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Happy Lemon Lemon Jasmine tea with boba: I revisited the Boston location of Happy Lemon to try a citrus-based drink this time around and purchased this beverage at 50% sweetness. The boba texture was very good – firm but still chewy. Much better than other boba options in Boston. The drink itself was highly acidic, which was refreshing but masked any of the flavor from the jasmine tea. Still, a very solid drink. 3.5/5.0

boston drinks recommended happylemon lemon jasmine tea boba 3.5
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Happy Lemon lemon green tea with honey: An excellent blend of sweet, herbal, and acidic. Great lemon flavor, incredibly refreshing. 4.0/5.0

happylemon recommended taiwanese lemon greentea honey drinks green tea 4.0
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Happy Lemon lemon green tea: Perfectly balanced tea drink with just the right amount of sweetness. Refreshing and acidic. Not shy on lemon flavor but not overpowering either. Exceptionally good! 4.5/5.0

happylemon lemon tea exceptional greentea drinks citrus green 4.5
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Happy Lemon passion fruit green tea with lychee jelly: My love for this chain brought me to the deep abyss of the Downtown Crossing Corner Mall food court, a ragbag of fast food joints including the likes of Subway, Dunkin Donuts, and suspect Asian fare. As I navigated through the bleak aroma of fried teriyaki, the bright yellow Happy Lemon sign materialized like a beacon of hope. The counter had several dentist-sized cups filled with a Yakult-flavored drink with aloe; the sampling was overly sweet, but I attributed this mostly to the Yakult pro... (read more) 2.5/5.0

happylemon drinks boston lychee passionfruit tea juice 2.5 passion fruit green jelly
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Happy Lemon Light Oolong Tea with Salted Cheese: As a frequent patron of Happy Lemon, I've always been curious about their salted cheese drinks (who wouldn't be), but I've been too afraid to try them. On my last trip, though, I decided to give in and ordered the most neutral flavor, a light oolong tea. I expected the cheese to come in solid form as a topping for the drink, but it was actually more like a thick milk that could be stirred to flavor the entire drink. The salted cheese had a slightly savory aftertaste but wasn't highly seas... (read more) 2.5/5.0

drinks happylemon light oolong tea salted cheese 2.5