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2017 01 20 12.24.10

HR Poppin' Snacks Cheddar Inferno Popcorn: Looks are deceiving with this bag of cheddar popcorn - its standard orange color belies its spicy flavor, brought out by cayenne, chili, and jalapeño powder. A nice amount of heat, though the popcorn isn't as light and airy as it could be. Has a very long ingredient list filled with artificial colorings. This bag magically appeared at work, so I'm not sure where one would go to purchase it, but it's not bad for what it is. 3.0/5.0

3.0 inferno cheddar hrpoppinsnacks cheese spicy jalapeno popcorn
2016 08 25 18.21.59

Tao Kae Noi Spicy Hi tempura seaweed: This version of the TKN seaweed snack is backed with a layer of fried tempura, giving it more rigidity and bite. The flavor is a bit like ramen seasoning packets but with a more prominent nori flavor. While the bag is resealable, the entire package can easily be consumed in one serving – not because it's particularly tasty, but because there isn't much in it. 2.5/5.0

hmart japanese taokaenoi spicy hi tempura seaweed 2.5
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Trader Joe's sweet Sriracha uncured bacon jerky: This distinctive snack has a great crispy exterior and is sliced thin, so it's just chewy enough. The flavor is complex and surprisingly potent; more spicy than sweet, but well balanced. Unfortunately, it's very salty, but it's great in small doses. 4.0/5.0

traderjoes recommended jerky bacon pork meat sriracha spicy 4.0 sweet uncured
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Trader Joe's buffalo jerky: The main reason I purchased this was because I've never had buffalo before. The meat was pretty indistinguishable from beef and was very moist yet slightly chewy, like most good jerky. Flavor-wise, it's smoky and peppery with a spicy aftertaste. High in protein (21% of your daily value). 3.5/5.0

traderjoes buffalo jerky recommended meat spicy peppery 3.5
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KurKure masala munch: Shaped exactly like crunchy cheetos, this corn snack forgoes cheese and instead has a satisfying, spiced coating that includes onion powder, garlic powder, and cumin. A manageable amount of heat that adds rather than detracts. From India. 3.0/5.0

india foreign masala kurkure cornsnack corn 3.0 spicy munch
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Clancy's sriracha lime popcorn: Another snack from Aldi, this bag of popcorn has a slightly sweet chili flavor finished with lime. Good level of spice that's suitable for snacking by the handful. No artificial ingredients or colors. 3.5/5.0

popcorn clancys sriracha lime spicy 3.5 recommended