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2016 11 03 17.14.50

Trader Joe's Mesquite smoked seasoned almonds: I don't typically snack on nuts but they're just about the only snack that my dad eats. On my last visit home, my mom purchased these seasoned almonds from Trader Joe's, and I found them to be surprisingly tasty. They feature a prominent smoky flavor that's more like a campfire than sweet barbecue chips – and I mean that in a positive way. While I would never purchase this snack myself given the overwhelming size of the bag, this would be a great snack for sharing. 3.5/5.0

3.5 almonds seasoned smoked mesquite traderjoes nuts recommended
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Sevan Walnut Baklava: To accompany my previously reviewed soda, I purchased a walnut-flavored pastry from Sevan Bakery in Watertown. I usually find baklava to be overly sweet, and this one did have a very distinct honey flavor, but the pastry was exceptionally crisp and flaky, and the chopped walnuts balanced the sweetness of the dessert. One of the best baklava I've had to date. 4.0/5.0

recommended dessert sweets nuts sevan watertown walnut baklava 4.0
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Kind Maple Glazed Pecan and Sea Salt Nut Bar: A granola bar with a variety of textures: there are crunchy nuts and crispy grains, but they're bound together with a sweet and chewy maple glaze. The maple was very sweet, though the bar clearly marks that there is only 5g of sugar (it's not a very big bar, though). The sweetness is also offset by the sea salt, which has a prominent flavor. 3.0/5.0

recommended granolabar nuts kind maple glazed pecan sea salt nut bar 3.0
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Organic Farm roasted chestnuts: I purchased two packs of roasted chestnuts from Hmart during a 2 for $3 sale. The last bag [] was unfavorably reviewed, mostly due to its slimy texture. This snacks veers in the opposite direction, with chestnuts that are on the dry side. Eaten with water, though, the chestnuts have superior flavor than the Haioreum bag, with a deeper, earthier flavor. Both bags list a single serving, but I found the bags really served at least 2. 2.5/5.0

organic chestnut hmart snack korean nuts 2.5 organicfarm roasted chestnuts
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Q's Nuts Mexican chocolate pecans: Too often, chocolate nuts are completely covered in chocolate, making them more like candy bars than nuts. These pecans were more dusted than coated, with a chocolate powder that was textured and rich. Yet, the pecans remained the star of the snack. Very well balanced. 4.0/5.0

nuts pecans mexicanchocolate chocolate qsnuts recommended 4.0 mexican
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Kind almond and coconut fruit and nut bar: Good coconut flavor with whole almonds embedded throughout. I found the texture to be quite dense and unnecessarily difficult to chew. On the sweet side. 3.0/5.0

kind coconut fruit almonds nuts almond nut bar 3.0