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Green Mountain Creamery Pumpkin Pie Greek Lowfat Yogurt: The Park Slope Food Coop has some of the more extensive yogurt selection I've seen in any grocery store, even beyond Berkeley Bowl. Once in a while, I'll grab a brand I haven't reviewed before, and on my last trip, I grabbed this seasonal pumpkin pie flavor from Vermont-based Green Mountain Creamery. Unfortunately, the yogurt was kind of bland in its expected flavor profile - the texture was a bit loose for greek yogurt and the spiced flavor was too cinnamon-y for my taste. I wish it taste... (read more) 2.5/5.0

yogurt parkslopefoodcoop greenmountaincreamery pumpkin pie greek 2.5 lowfat
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Nancy's Lowfat plain yogurt: As a staple, plain yogurt can sometimes be undervalued, its flavor masked by the fruit, granola, and toppings otherwise that often accompany and customize it to particular tastes. Nancy's yogurt, though, is a rare, quality product that stands on its own, with a pronounced tart flavor and creamy consistency thicker than most non-Greek yogurts. The price is steeper than alternatives, at slightly over $4 for 32 ounces, but when it's on sale, it's well worth it. 4.0/5.0

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Organic Valley Chocolate Lowfat Milk: I got this chocolate milk along with my Chipotle kids' meal (a perfect size for adults who cannot finish a Chipotle burrito, like me). The chocolate flavor was too sweet, but it did have a satisfying richness. I also didn't get sick from the actual food. 2.5/5.0

organicvalley chocolate lowfat milk 2.5 drinks organic
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Seven Stars Farm organic lowfat plain yogurt: This yogurt comes from a dairy farm in Chester County, PA and has a tangy flavor. Because no artificial thickness are added to the yogurt, it quickly develops an uneven, clumpy texture after opening. I found the texture to be slightly off putting but also wondered if this is just what "natural" yogurt tastes like. Until I try others like this, I can't say for sure. 3.0/5.0

sevenstarsfarm organic yogurt 3.0 lowfat plain
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Wallaby organic plain lowfat yogurt: This "creamy Australian" yogurt is incredibly runny and thin. Doesn't have enough body to feel satisfying. Plain flavor lacks any tartness. 2.5/5.0

wallaby yogurt organic plain 2.5 wallabyorganic lowfat