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Minamoto Kitchoan kinkan daifuku: Light yellow mochi filled with white bean paste and a whole kumquat. Fantastic citrus flavor. Intense, juicy kumquat. Mochi to filling ratio is perfect, as was the amount of sugar. 4.5/5.0

mochi kumquat exceptional japanese minamotokitchoan kinkan daifuku 4.5
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La Farine frangipane: Excellent pastry. Flaky crust topped with almonds. Inside is fluffy and light. Center has lightly sweetened almond paste. Some parts of the exterior are dark, but they're caramelized rather than burnt. Very sizable and filling for the price ($2.95). 4.5/5.0

lafarine bakery pastry almond frangipane croissant oakland exceptional 4.5
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Frozen Kuhsterd champorado sundae: Hot and cold combination with warm, Filipino rice pudding and a scoop of ice cream (I selected Thai iced tea). Champorado is a chocolate rice pudding made with glutinous rice. This sundae was excellent-the ice cream was barely sweetened with a fantastic herbal flavor, and the texture of the pudding was surprising and delicious. Unfortunately, the warmth of the pudding caused the ice cream to melt very quickly, leading to more of a pudding soup. The sundae is expensive ($6.50), but the portio... (read more) 4.5/5.0

champorado ricepudding filipino exceptional fk frozenkusterd sanfrancisco offthegrid dessert icecream thaiicedtea pudding chocolate frozenkuhsterd sundae 4.5
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Trader Joe's Just Mango slices: Excellent dried fruit snack that had no added sugar. Great because the mangoes are already perfectly sweet. Unlike other dried mangos, you won't get sticky hands since it's unsulfured. Awesome, unadulterated flavor. Only downside is the small serving size (4 pieces). 4.5/5.0

mangos driedfruit fruit traderjoes exceptional just mango slices 4.5
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Lawless Jerky Mango habanero beef jerky: Excellent flavor that's slightly sweet and fruity but ends with a pleasant amount of heat. Very good quality, grass-fed beef. Some pieces are more moist than others-the moister ones are fantastic. A little salty, but not bad for jerky more generally. Highly recommend. 4.5/5.0

beefjerky jerky beef mango habanero exceptional lawlessjerky grassfed 4.5
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Brown Sugar Cafe homemade limeonade: An excellent refreshing drink that is tart and acidic but not overpoweringly so. Great for hot weather. Perfect level of sweetness. A pleasant surprise that it's carbonated. 4.5/5.0

brownsugarcafe boston thai drinks limeonade lime soda exceptional homemade 4.5