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Good Belly coconut water: I purchased two more GoodBelly flavors because of a sale at Whole Foods. The first I tried was coconut water with probiotics added. The drink has a slightly green milky tint, with brown sediments on the bottom. It has a strange flavor added on top of coconut water (I think from the grape juice listed on the ingredients). Not recommended. 2.5/5.0

drinks wholefoods goodbelly coconut water 2.5 coconutwater
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Nissin sesame sable cookies: I grew up eating the very buttery coconut biscuits you get in a silver foil package from Asian grocery stores. These cookies have a slight resemblance, with a biscuit-like base and glazed, coconut flavored top, but it's not as sweet as the normal coconut cookies, and the black sesame balances out the sweetness. At five cookies to a serving, it's not the most filling snack, but the flavor is memorable, and it's reasonably priced. 3.5/5.0

nissin coconut sable sesame japanese asian hmart 3.5 cookies biscuit recommended
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Liberté coconut yogurt: A rich, dessert-like yogurt made with whole milk. Contains coconut pulp on the bottom. Sweet. Whole milk + coconut = 44% saturated fat. Nonetheless, it was filling and quite good. 3.5/5.0

liberte yogurt coconut dairy organic fruit 3.5 libert
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Candy Farm Watermelon Slice: This watermelon-flavored coconut candy bar tastes exactly like it sounds: a slightly denser version of the inside of an almond joy combined with the artificial flavor of watermelon Blow Pops. Contains 45% of your daily serving of saturated fat. Received via my latest #munchpak. 2.0/5.0

candy watermelon candyfarm coconut 2.0 slice
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Foco coconut water with pink guava: Great guava flavor. Intensely hydrating. 390% daily serving of vitamin c. Just enough sugar (17g). Coconut water flavor plays a backseat to guava purée, but I'm not complaining. 4.5/5.0

foco guava exceptional coconutwater drinks 4.5 coconut water pink
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I-Mei coconut milk wafer roll: Similar in texture to rolled wafers like the pirouline but in a more convenient, flat packaging. The wafer is thin and crispy, and the filling is creamy and not too sweet. Decent dessert. 3.5/5.0

imei coconut asian hmart 3.5 taiwanese recommended milk wafer roll