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Three Sisters Marshmallow Oaties: Familiar marshmallow cereal without artificial flavors or preservatives. Oat cereal is puffed, marshmallows are purple and white. Makes you feel less guilty about indulging in a childhood favorite. Good value. 3.5/5.0

cereal marshmallow threesisters wholefoods oat oaties 3.5
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Trader Joe's pumpkin cereal bars: Another pumpkin seasonal item, this snack tastes true to its flavor, with a spiced pumpkin pie interior containing ingredients such as cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove. Like most cereal bars, it's on the sweet side. A great filling snack in between meals and a good value at $2 for a box of 6. 3.5/5.0

traderjoes recommended cerealbar bar pumpkin 3.5 cereal bars
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Barbara's peanut butter puffins: The box says "tastes like dessert," and I would agree. Crunchy, large corn "pillows" that are good as a snack on its own. Substantial and filling. Is not vitamin enriched like many children's cereal but is non-GMO certified. 3.5/5.0

cereal barbaras puffins breakfast peanutbutter recommended 3.5 peanut butter
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Cheerios Multi-grain peanut butter Cheerios: On my last normcore grocery trip, I was tempted to purchase a childhood favorite: peanut butter cereal. A quick glance at the nutrition facts of Peanut Butter Crunch, though, made me think twice. Instead, I opted for the less colorful packaging of multi-grain Cheerios, which I assume is targeted towards adults like me (who enjoy junky sweetened cereal once in a while but also want to seem responsible and somewhat healthful). The cereal was actually really satisfying: it had a classic if unr... (read more) 3.5/5.0

cheerios cereal generalmills peanutbutter 3.5 recommended multi-grain peanut butter
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Peace Cereal Vanilla almond cereal: This almond flavored cereal consists of corn flakes, oat clusters, and sliced almonds. Wholesome and solid all around. 3.5/5.0

recommended berkeleybowl breakfast peacecereal vanilla almond cereal 3.5
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Milk Bar Cereal milk soft serve: You’re probably familiar with the cereal milk flavor, which replicates the taste of milk after a helping of frosted corn flakes. Attributed to the Milk Bar franchise, the cereal milk flavor has since been duplicated by many. Although I’ve sampled it before, this is the first time I actually purchased the cereal milk flavored soft serve from its original source. The smooth texture was excellent, but the generous serving size might be best shared with others. The soft serve comes in a single ... (read more) 3.5/5.0

recommended dessert icecream nyc sweets milkbar cereal milk soft serve 3.5 softserve