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BelVita blueberry breakfast biscuits: Tastes like breakfast cereal encapsulated into a biscuit. Contains a substantial amount of whole grains and fiber. Each packet had 4 biscuits, which is probably 2x more than it needs. Pretty genetic flavor, but filling. 2.5/5.0

belvita biscuits nabisco breakfast blueberry 2.5
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BelVita Golden Oat breakfast biscuits: Decent biscuits that are crunchy and filling, not overly sweet. Golden oat flavor captures the essence of oatmeal in a bar. 3.0/5.0

belvita breakfast biscuit nabisco goldenoat oats golden oat biscuits 3.0
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Bourbon Kitanotamago no Sable Biscuits: I've been having a lot of plainer snacks recently, but this biscuit is definitely one of the better ones I've had, in Japan and otherwise. The box comes with 8 individually wrapped cookies, shaped like eggs and reminding me of dinosaur egg cartoons. They have a crumbly texture and sweet, buttery flavor that's surprisingly satisfying and richer than your typical biscuit. 3.5/5.0

Maruetsu 3.5 biscuits sable no kitanotamago bourbon japanese recommended
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Choripdong Digestive Cream Sand Biscuit: Individually wrapped Korean sandwich cookies with a mildly sweet, crumbly biscuit flavored with sesame seeds and a light cream filling. I like how it's not crunchy and thick like many digestives, and the snack overall feels mostly healthful although it's a dessert. 3.5/5.0

choripdong korean hmart 3.5 recommended cookies digestives sesame biscuits digestive cream sand biscuit
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Coppenrath Traveler Cookies on Tour: German cookies shaped as rectangular stamps each featuring a different city from Copenhagen to Istanbul to San Francisco. Favors European geography, but it's still quite fun to explore since there are at least 15 different countries represented - I rarely got the same city within a single serving. Exceptionally good value at $3 for a sizable bag. I purchased the caramel flavor, which had a sweet and buttery spiced molasses flavor. Would definitely purchase again. 4.0/5.0

german biscuits 4.0 tour cookies traveler coppenrath recommended berkeleybowl
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Elgorriaga Vanilla flavour filled biscuits: America seems to have completely bypassed the economical biscuits-in-tubes market common in Europe and Asia. This particular one from Spain contains crumbly biscuit sandwich cookies with a vanilla icing filling. The biscuits are largely flavorless but have a decent texture, and the icing is very sweet. An entire pack cost $1.39 from the local bodega. 2.5/5.0

2.5 biscuits filled flavour vanilla elgorriaga cookies