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Way Better Snacks pumpkin cranberry tortilla chips: I found this out-of-season bag of chips heavily discounted at my local supermarket. The chips need...something. They are neither here nor there-not sweet enough or savory enough to be satisfying. I also find them very underseasoned, and I already prefer lightly seasoned food. Definitely begging to be eaten with some sort of dip, though what could complement this odd flavor combination is beyond me. The chips themselves have an unappetizing dark purple hue. Bottom line: Not a success. 1.5/5.0

waybetter chips tortilla cranberry pumpkin seasonal 1.5 avoid waybettersnacks
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Way Better Snacks Rosemary Me and Olive Oil barley crackers: A generous helping of olive oil lends these crackers a deep savory flavor. Hexagonal crackers are more crispy than crunchy. Good source of fiber and whole grains. Enough flavor to snack with on their own. 3.5/5.0

waybetter rosemary oliveoil recommended wholegrain fiber 3.5 waybettersnacks me olive oil barley crackers